Lately every time I log on Facebook a new viral video is making the rounds.

Well here I am again, my children are in bed, tucked in safe and warm, a roof over their head, flannel pajamas, washed face, and brushed teeth, stuffed animals and plush blankets, sleeping safe in a warm home.

i came downstairs to start a load of laundry, and sat down and logged into Facebook as I usually do when I have a free moment, and not more than a minute into the usual scrolling Facebook has us do, and I see a video posted from Raising The Roof.

It’s titled The Homeless Read mean Tweets About Being Homeless. Now we have all seen these posts around, recently The President of the United states of America, Barack Obama did one where he read mean Tweets about himself.

I was apprehensive about this one for some reason, I pushed play regardless and watched the 1:19 long video. I wasn’t sure what to expect, the title alone albeit was self-explanatory, but i wasn’t ready for what i was about to watch.

To be blunt, to be really honest, I instantly felt sad, sad that people can be so hurtful, I am seriously amazed, it hurts my heart to know people can be so cruel, that some people are so insensitive and just really mean.

You know that  old saying “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” Nothing can be further from the truth in this short little video. Some of the Tweets were just plain immature, showing their lack of knowledge and their own petty character. The callous Tweets show such a disregard for human kind.

I know everyone who has ever been homeless, anyone who has known someone who has been homeless or is homeless, that no one, ever, ever wants to be in that situation. Some had no choice.

Homeless Read Mean Tweets

Everyone has a story, everyone has a reason why they are where they are now. I believe it’s not for us to judge, assume or condemn them, rather why not help, or at least not be hurtful.

Logically thinking, don’t you think that if it were so easy to just “stop” being homeless, many if not all would?

Raising The Roof has given the 10 homeless people in the video an opportunity to respond the mean Tweets they read, you can read them here and further down on the page, there is a section where the homeless answer your questions about common myths about the homeless too.

Raising The Roof is an organization that seeks long-term solutions to homelessness. Our Humans For Humans campaign is about encouraging every person to take part in changing the conversation to give people experiencing homelessness the compassion and assistance they need. Are you in?

Nights like these are difficult, as my children are safe warm, and tucked in, so many other people are not, many are out cold, hungry, with no roof over their head, or the right clothes for this cold weather.

Homelessness Ignor

While being thankful for what we have is a wonderful attitude to have, I do believe as a society, we need to get back to helping one another and make a change in how we treat others by stop judging and start helping. We need to let go of hate and learn to appreciate others for their differences.

Just over a month ago there was a very unfortunate incident at a Tim Hortons in Toronto, where a homeless man, Grant Faithful allegedly had water thrown at him, his belongings and his dog. Just one of the all too many injustices that the homeless are facing in our world today.

If you are looking to volunteer your time, get involved or even donate, there are many ways you can do that by simply going here, I do agree with Raising The Roof that the conversation does need to change in regard to homelessness.