The LG G4 is soon to announce its next flagship smartphone to the world, later this month on the 28th. There’s a lot customers are expecting from the company’s next generation smartphone, as LG looks to set the bar higher than it did with last years model.

We are expecting this unit to be fitted with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 64-bit processor with an impressive 5.5-inch QHD screen with a resolution of 2560X1440 pixels which will give a stunning viewing experience when watching videos and reading texts.

In this short video, LG is teasing us with its camera which is going to have a lens aperture of f1.8. This is very important for those looking to frame subjects in high detail up close. Aperture is apart of the exposure triangle which photographers master to get amazing shots on DSLR cameras we see today.

LG Aperture

The aperture is the opening in the lens, much like your pupil, which light passes through into the camera, or your retina. In photography terms, aperture is measured in f numbers, that’s why you see values such as f/1.9 or f1.8. The “f” simply is describing how wide the aperture is open or closed. As you can see in the photo above, the smaller the f-stop value, the larger the aperture is, and the larger the f-stop number, the smaller the aperture is.

Shallow Depth Of Field LG G4

The LG G4 f.18 lens should be able to take some incredible close up shots, giving the user a shallow depth of field, which will put a subject in close focus in the foreground while putting less emphasis on the background giving you that blurred effect seen on many photos from around the world . Here’s the quick look at what LG is going to offer the world with its latest flagship smartphone on April 28th, 2015.