Garmin International Inc., which is a unit of Garmin Ltd. has produced the world’s first rearview bike radar and smart bike lights which will be available in Q3 of this year.

Using the Varia line of smart cycling devices, the Varia rearview radar actively scans the road behind the cyclists for approaching traffic from up to 140 meters.

As cars approach the rider, the system will increase in brightness and if in flashing mode, it will also flash intensely to alert traffic.

The cyclist will get notifications on a separate radar display which can show the rider up to 8 approaching vehicles.

Garmin Bike Radar
Works independently and wirelessly integrates with compatible Edge® cycling computers

This will help reduce the amount of accidents on roads by creating safer conditions for both the bicyclists and motor vehicles.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation:

Each year approximately 726 cyclists are killed and an additional 49,000 are injured in motor vehicle crashes, and of these incidents around 40 percent occur when a cyclist is hit from behind

And in addition to the rearview radar, the smart bike lights can automatically adapt to speeds by projecting its beam further in front of the rider when connected to a compatible Edge GPS system.

Varia Smart Bike Lights
With 2 tail lights you can indicate impending right or left turns and Adjustments including on/off, can be made manually with the use of an included remote

It can determine lighting conditions in an environment and adjust brightness accordingly when paired with a light-sensing Edge 1000 bike computer.

When available, buyers can expect to pay $199.99 for the Varia radar tail light or $299.99 for the bundled radar display unit

The Varia smart bike lights and remote will be available as a bundle for $299.99.

Shopper also will have options to purchase the set individually costing $199.99 for the headlight and $69.99 for the tail light.