Just under a week to go before the world get’s to see the official unveiling of the most popular phablet device, and we have yet another Note 9 leak, this time from Samsung New Zealand.

I don’t think we can even use the term phablet anymore, as more handsets are featuring large size displays in smaller bodies.

Spotted by eagle-eye leaker Evan Blass, it looks like Samsung threw up the pre-order page prematurely.

It might have been an accident, or a sneaky marketing tactic to generate some buzz around the upcoming flagship, it’s hard to tell.

The page has since been taken down and is not live anymore, but that doesn’t matter all that much.

Through the various leaks over the past few months, the entire tech community more or less knows what to expect next week out of Sammy.

From the 4,000mAh battery to the Bluetooth S-Pen, there isn’t much Samsung can do to surprise us with the launch, other than they eye-watering sum it will cost costumers for the price of entry.

And that’s where Samsung might have some issues. The company is already losing ground to the likes of OnePlus, and Huawei in Asian markets due to their value propositions.

These companies offer devices with high-end specs at a lower price with a more focused game plan.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many low, and mid-range devices Samsung has in their portfolio.

Samsung’s mobile division is so big it’s turning into an unfocused mess. This is a company that’s notorious for slow OS updates to their high-end devices, and if they want to hold on to their top spot, they are going to have to change things around some.

Still, I’m excited to see the Note 9 next week, mainly due to the larger battery, up to 512 GB of internal storage, and the updated S-pen features.

Over the years the company has carved out a niche with this device, and despite all the previous flaws, the Note is a fantastic addition to the company’s smartphone lineup.

This could be the best Galaxy Note yet, and probably the last.

For the past little while, the Galaxy S line has taken the flagship torch with the best specs from the Note lineup.

We just might see Samsung combining the best of both worlds into one device under a new name after the Galaxy S10.