Synonymous with insane horsepower and speed, as well as ruling the tracks around the world, the Porsche 935 from the 80s manages to remain a legend in it’s own right. After banning the brutal Group 5, the racing world hasn’t seen anything similar from Porsche. Yes, there is the 919 Evo and the 911 GT1, but nothing like the 935. Until now that is. The King is back, albeit heavily modernized.

Like the first edition of the 935, the new one is built upon a production spec 911. Porsche decided to use the mind blowing 991.2 911 GT2 RS as the base for the 935/78, utilizing it’s engine and chassis. And that’s where the similarities with anything you can buy end.

Porsche 935 Front
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A Monster Like It’s Predecessors

At the heart of the 2019 Porsche 935/78 you’ll find a traditionally rear-mounted  3.8 litre flat six, pumping out 700 hp with the help of two turbochargers. The Continental SDI 9 managed engine transfers 750 Nm to LSD controlled rear wheels via Porsche’s ultra-modern double clutch gearbox, hung on rigid gearbox suspension. Selection of the right gear among seven available is performed via a paddle shift system mounted behind the carbon fiber steering wheel or using a more traditional method; the gear lever..

Since this is a non-homologated car, intended to be driven mainly in anger, the suspension features racing components.

The front features MacPherson struts with forged components and spherical bearings to give it optimized stiffness. The 3-way racing dampers and anti-roll bar give you the freedom to set up the car to your liking, while the electro-mechanical power steering features variable steering ratios and speed-sensitive feedback adjustment.

At the rear of the Porsche 935/78, there is a lightweight Unibal multi-link suspension, spiced up with adjustable 3-way racing dampers and anti-roll bar.

Porsche 935 Rear
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As with anything that can reach a top speed of over 200 mph, and 60 mph in just a smidge over 2 s, there is a need for some serious stopping power. For that reason, the King is outfitted with grooved and ventilated carbon ceramic discs, which measure 380mm at the front and 365 mm at the back. What gets them glowing red are the six-piston front and four-piston rear aluminum monoblock racing calipers.

Keeping you in contact with the road are the 18” centre-lock forged aluminum one-piece wheels wrapped in grippy Michelin Transport rubber. The 11.5” wide fronts are fitted with 29/65-R18 tyres, while the 13” rears are 31/71-R18 units.

The talking point surely has to be the exterior styling. The 2019 Porsche 935/78 is envisioned as a tribute to Porsche’s rich racing history, so there’s a lot of various details scattered around the car. The flowing lines of weight-optimized bodywork are shaped out of aluminum-steel composite, carbon-fiber and Kevlar.

Porsche 935 Side
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The non-homologated attribute means that the aero can be non-restrictive and fully functional. Therefore, the elongated body is shaped to lines of the legendary Moby Dick that ruled LeMans during it’s glory days. The massive 75” wide rear wing is fitted with  LED lights in the end plates, just like the 919 Hybrid. The rear view mirrors are taken from the current gen 911 RSR, while the exposed titanium exhaust is reminiscent to the 1968 Porsche 908. The massive vents occupying the front bumper are dual purpose. Firstly, they give the LED headlights a home and secondly, they help with routing cold air to the carbon ceramic brakes.

Comfort Is A Must

The interior of the Porsche 935/78 is also a testimony to Porsche’s history. For starters, the shift knob is a wooden item, reminiscent of icons like the 917 and 909 Bergspyder, while the carbon wheel and the dash have been stolen from the 911 GT3 R.

Porsche 935 Interior
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Protecting the driver inhabiting the interior of the Porsche 935/78 is a full-race roll cage. The longitudinally adjustable Recaro racing bucket seat gives you a place to sit, while the six-point safety harness keeps you in place. Making the interior an enjoyable place to be is the addition of air conditioning, as well as comfortable padding on the seat. Also, solo sessions are usually not fun, so Porsche gives you option to fit the 935/78 with a passenger seat.

The 1380kg monster, made as a homage to Porsche’s success at the track and to celebrate the 70th year of existence, will be available as of June 2019. Porsche plans to build 77 near-standard, non-homologated examples, each wearing a $700,000 price tag.Two color options will be available; Martini livery and an Agate gray hue.

Is The Porsche 935/78 Meant For The Drivers?

Personally, I like that Porsche decided to go an a venture like this. I’m excited to see more manufacturers reliving their past with models like this. I think that it’s important to keep your history alive. Although, I’d like for them to be drivers cars, not garage queens or collectors items, which sadly, I think the 935/78 will become.