In January 2016, at CES, Reliefband Technologies unveiled a breakthrough device to help those who suffer from nausea caused from boating, gaming, flying, morning sickness and more.

The wearable therapeutic device is an FDA-cleared drug-free option for the treatment or motion sickness and nausea. It uses patented technology that sends pulses in a  precise waveform frequency that stimulates the median nerve on the underside of your wrist.

This technology is called neuromodulation and uses your body’s natural neural pathways to block the nausea sensation many get in their stomach.

anti nausea

Reliefband provides a drug-free, non-drowsy and safe solution to alleviate the uncomfortable side effects of motion sickness and morning sickness. Users will just slip on the watch like device on their wrist, adjust the intensity to their comfort level and within minutes you will start to feel better.

When you are about to use the band, place the conductivity gel that comes with the device onto your wrist. It is best to rub and apply the gel twice to aid in nerve stimulation. You should also use the gel every 2-3 hours. You can also try to turn it off every so often to see if you still have any symptoms left, of so, just place it back on again.


My two daughters suffer from motion sickness, one more severe than the other. There are times that we can be driving in our vehicle, and any drive past 30 minutes long, she can turn pale, weak, and sick within minutes. Her father and I know “the look” she has when she is about to get sick to her stomach.

In the past, we have always carried extra bags, a change of clothes, and I even carry children’s anti-nausea medication in my purse.  If I can get the medication into her system quick enough, it can keep the sickness at bay, but not without ill wanted side effects.

We once traveled from Canada to Texas, and it was a long 24-hour drive. Before we even crossed into the United States, she has vomited once already, and it only gets worse.

With each passing state, she becomes sicker and sicker, puking more and more, it’s heartbreaking. During the trip, she becomes drowsy and even weaker with the anti-nausea medication, she looses all appetite and took up to 2 days to get back to her usual self after the trip and medication.

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We have to travel again in October to Texas again. I am excited to have the Reliefband with us, to help my 6-year-old daughter with her motion sickness.  The device fits perfectly onto her arm with no discomfort, and she is so excited, she said, “Oh mom, so this will help me not be sick anymore?”

From now on, Reliefband will go wherever we go.  It is a safe, secure and reliable solution to any of your anti-nausea needs.

You can purchase your own device here for $89.99 USD.