It looks like Google is planning to roll out its own smart headphones equipped with artificial intelligence support. While the internet giant has so far remained tight-lipped about the new product, information from the latest beta of the Google app, first spotted by 9to5Google, suggests that Google is indeed working on a smart, Assistant-equipped pair of headphones.

Apparently, version 7.10 of the Google app has references to an unknown service dubbed “Bisto.” While these references began appearing with the release of the version 7.0, this latest update reveals a lot more information including the knowledge that Bisto is the codename for a pair of smart headphones running Google Assistant.


We are unsure of what these headphones are going to look like or the features they will bring to the table. However, based on the references in the code, we have some idea.

What can we expect from the Google smart headphones?

These headphones are unlikely to come with any display with touch control, which essentially means that Google will probably make Bisto fully voice-controlled. Perhaps, it will also have an optional connectivity with your smartphone for allowing access to the more complicated features.

Apart from obeying commands and answering to your queries, the new smart headphones will also have the ability to route and play notifications straight from your handset, implying that pairing with other mobile devices will be possible. Users will also have the option to reply to a new notification via voice.

Because there will be no touch controls, the headphones are likely to come with physical buttons for basic controls. Among these hardware buttons, the product will include one dedicated to activating Google Assistant, as well as one “top button.”

One string of code also suggests that users will have to press-hold the Assistant button to make a query or give a command.

In addition, 9to5Google also pointed out to the presence of a string of code that suggests the headphones will have the ability to update over-the-air, meaning they will come with Wi-Fi connectivity (in addition to Bluetooth capabilities).

Word on the street is also that this new pair of smart headphones could launch along with the much-awaited Pixel 2, which according to rumor mills, will exclude the headphone jack.

Just because there are references to certain features in the code, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will have the same set of features in the final build of the product. In fact, a lot can change between now and when the product finally hits the store shelves.  Going a step further, we do not even know if the product will see the light of the day. After all, it’s not that Google has much success to show for in the wearable market. Remember all the high expectations built around Google Glass before its launch and how the project was later doomed because frankly, it was not a great feat of engineering – at least not by Google’s standards.