The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the next major smartphone we are expecting in the first part of 2019. Everyone is looking forward to more than just an incremental update to the S9 which is a fantastic device in its own right. With the potential of a fingerprint scanner underneath the display, a new design, and 5G connectivity, don’t expect the Galaxy S10 to come cheap.

BGR reports the top of the line S10+ is projected to be the only model to get 5G support next year, which has the potential to increase the price drastically.

We hear more hype around 5G as carriers and manufacturers have been testing methodologies for implementation into new technologies.

It’s exciting stuff when you factor in the massive potential for deep learning, artificial intelligence, and IOT devices on the platform.

5G will change the way in how we interact with our world through our devices which goes without question.

Samsung Pushing The Limits

We know Samsung to be a company that likes to push the limits of what it thinks possible, and its fair to say they are successful in doing just that.

There’s been the talk of a foldable Samsung smartphone that’s in the works, and an impressive 600ppi S10 screen resolution for 2019.

At this time the full potential of 4G LTE hasn’t been fully realized by some customers in North America and around the world.

Many of us experience slow speeds and spotty network coverage on numerous occasions. Heck, even Freedom Mobile is still finding it a challenge to expand its 4G coverage in Canada.

Before we can begin to flirt with the idea of 5G, I think its fair to say that what most of us want is better 4G support from our wireless carriers to justify the cost.

All Is Not Lost

At least we hear reports that Samsung has plans to release 4G and 4G variants of the Galaxy S10.

It probably will still be a while until mobile carriers can make sure the network is robust enough to handle the traffic from this new breed of devices.

On top of that, smartphone manufacturers are going to have to make sure their devices are fully compatible with 5G on these networks.

Companies like OnePlus will have to make sure their phones are compatible with all mobile carriers if they want to push further into the North American markets. If you are on Verizon or Sprint, the OnePlus 6 isn’t supported.

So I suspect that we need not jump on buying 5G phones just yet. If the only difference between the S10 and S10 Plus is 5G, then I’m more inclined to suggest the 4G variant to save some money.

But if you want to take advantage of the new technology, and you are on AT&T and Verizon who have already started rolling out 5G coverage then go ahead for the S10+ when it becomes available.

You already know the Galaxy S10+ will cost well over $1,000 given all the expected features that are planned for the device.

In Canada, the base price of the Note is $1,299.99 plus tax.

That’s a small fortune for some people.

I’m expecting a starting price of at least $1,399.99 CAD for the S10 next year, and that’s a conservative estimate.

I can say the Galaxy Note 9 is the only phone now that gives your money’s worth regarding features.

Samsung needs to do a better job in support the phone with timely software updates to further justify the amount of money they are asking customers to pay for their flagships.

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