Intended to give the beastly Porsche Panamera and Audi RS7 a proper fight for the throne, the 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT63 S Edition 1 is a limited-run model, sporting some bespoke touches.

The special version of the AMG GT63 S comes in only three color options, which is odd considering Mercedes usually gives its special edition cars just one hue.

The AMG GT63 S Edition 1 can be had in either a silky smooth matt Designo Graphite Gray or refined Diamond White and Graphite Gray metallic. All three are accompanied by silver stripes that run along the redesigned bonnet and sides.

As this is a special edition, most of the optional items that come with the stock AMG GT63S are made standard on the AMG GT63 S Edition 1. That includes a new aero package; cross spoke wheels and a slightly cozy interior, which is much nicer to look at than the exterior.

Starting from the wide and angry-looking front, AMG’s design department added a larger splitter and did a minimal redesign of the lower part of the bumper, to integrate the vertical slats with the massive intakes.

The side has been neglected and left the same, but the rear received some attention as well. The diffuser has a new look, while the AMG GT R inspired fixed rear wing replaces the usual active wing.

The limited-edition AMG rolls on 20-inch rims, which are the same as the stock ones, with the addition of a diamond cut face and an AMG badge.

AMG GT63S Edition 1 rear trqrt
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Skids, Slides, And Burnouts

The driving force behind the Edition 1 is it’s humbly sized 4 liter V8 with a not-so-humble output of 630 angry German horses, thanks to the addition of twin-turbochargers. The 4Matic+ all-wheel-drive system ensures that the 627 lb-ft are put down safely. Most of the time that is.

Enter Drift Mode.

Drift mode is a selectable option, in which all 630 German horses spin just the rear electronically-controlled diff, meaning lots of smoke and worn tires in the usual AMG fashion.

When in all-wheel-drive mode, however, the AMG GT63 S Edition 1 is capable of 0-60 runs in a smidge over 3 seconds, coming in at 3.1 seconds, while the speed is maxed out at 195 mph.

Coming to a dead halt is possible thanks to massive disks gripped firmly by the six-pot front and one-pot rear calipers, which is a bit of strange layout, but I’m sure that someone did the maths.

AMG GT63S Edition 1 cross spoke
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Before we move on to the interior, we have to talk about suspension, as it’s something special.

As the AMG GT63S Edition 1 is just a special version of the GT63 S, it has the same underpinnings. That means that you get the clever four-wheel steering. I say clever because even though four-wheel steering is not a new thing, it’s different.

When you’re cruising along under 62 mph, the rear wheels will turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels. But go above 62 mph, and the rears will start to turn the same way as the fronts.

Considering that premium comfort is a must, the AMG GT63 S Edition 1 rides on AMG Ride Control+, or plainly said, air springs.

Same But Different

Finally, the interior. Clad in premium materials, the interior just screams ‘expensive’, which is a good thing, considering the fact you’ll be looking at it on your travels.

The front bucket seats are a mix of gray and black Nappa leather, with accenting yellow stitching. The dash, covered with gray-hued Dynamica microfiber, is home to the twin 12.3-inch displays. One for the numbers behind the squared-off gray leather and gloss black wheel and the second one is for the infotainment.

AMG GT63S Edition 1 interior
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In the U.S., the car ships with either fixed-back buckets or Executive Rear Seat package, both making the GT63 S Edition 1 a four-seater. In other parts of the world, however, the car ships as a five-seater.

The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT63S Edition 1 is a lot of car that will probably have a high number for its price tag. But for the ones that can afford it, I think it’s worth it. For us that can’t, all that remains is to enjoy it’s popping soundtrack and V8 burble.