Sculley’s reign as Apple CEO having long ended, he’s still courting controversy, having spoken out about the Apple Watch features — or its perceived lack thereof — in a recent interview with The Street.

Longtime Apple users probably remember John Sculley as the man who helped launch the Newton (pictured below), a personal digital assistant (PDA) that ultimately ended up as an expensive failure for the company.

He’s also notorious for helping temporarily drive a young Steve Jobs away from Apple, despite the fact that it was Jobs who hired him as chief executive in 1983.

In the interview, Sculley admitted that he was more than content with the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook as devices he uses in his everyday life. He was, however, less than receptive toward the Apple Watch, saying that the device may be “beautiful,” but that it’s a device that “doesn’t have enough utility” to justify him buying it. He did, however, suggest some ways to possibly make it better.

First and foremost on Sculley’s list of Apple Watch hang-ups was that it is largely dependent on the iPhone. “When you go jogging, I don’t want to carry my iPhone and Apple Watch to count the steps,” he said, before adding that he is confident Apple can sort this out.

He added that Apple should include smart messaging as a key feature on the smartwatch, as it can serve as a virtual assistant of sorts that can help consumers easily complete everyday tasks.

Apple Newton

“Whether it’s WeChat or Facebook Messenger, we are starting to see a move to an era where messaging could be an intelligent assistant, and that could be a perfect application for the Apple Watch if they can incorporate it,” said Sculley.

Right now, it’s impossible to determine how exactly the Apple Watch is performing in the market. Apple has, time and again, refused to divulge exact sales statistics for the device.

While Sculley may be known more for his missteps at Apple, he does have a point when talking about ways to make a potential Watch follow-up even better.