If you’ve ever been to the beach or the pool, which almost all of us have been at one point or another, you probably had to deal with leaving your personal belongings out in the open. You know the feeling. That worrying instinct deep down inside that your valuables will get stolen. You might think you’re safe or that the chances of such a thing happening to you are almost non-existent, but you’d be amazed at the amount of thieves out there waiting for an opportunity just like this one. Yes, you can keep a close eye on them for the most part, but all it takes is a single moment in which you let your guard down and poof, your items are gone. A normal backpack won’t really solve anything either. If anything, it’s easier to steal since everything you own is in one bag together. So what’s the solution? FlexSafe Plus.

The FlexSafe Plus

FlexSafe Plus is a really innovative solution to a problem that none of us want to face. Visually, it doesn’t look all that different from a small backpack or a medium-sized bag. It’s compact, but don’t be fooled by its size. It can hold a lot of items, despite its 5-layer exterior ensuring nothing penetrates it. The ultra-cut and slash-resistant materials mean not even the sharpest of knives can slice through it, but the best part is it’s also waterproof. The simple locking mechanism means you can lock it to practically any fixed object and not worry whether someone will steal your belongings.

The inventor of the FlexSafe got his personal items stolen at the beach, where he decided enough is enough and wanted to do something about it. The INDIEGOGO campaign was set at $20,000 originally, but it’s currently at $192,000. In other words, it’s at almost ten times what the creator was aiming for. If you want to back the campaign you can do so by clicking HERE. There’s even an early-bird discount, but you have to hurry because availability is limited. As a practical, usable invention, we can’t think of anything which can top the FlexSafe Plus.

Stefan Petrov
I love everything that has to do with cars. I could practically name every manufacturer and model before i could even say mom or dad. Recently i've taken up motorsport, with plans to travel to England and compete should the perfect opportunity arise. In my spare time i like to do some biking, and occasionally play the guitar.