3D Printers are finding a large application in the industry and making faster inroads. However, if you have are a user of a 3D printer, you might have faced problems of filament stoppages causing your 3D printer to air-print.

The filament stoppages could be due to several reasons like a jammed extruder, griding extruder gear, clogged nozzle, stalling extruder motor, and empty filament spool.

This indeed results in a huge waste of resources in terms of time and materials used and above all leads to frustration and disappointment for the unfinished job.

As a complete solution to this issue, independent inventor Chris Robertson has developed a Filament Roller which is an all-in-one IR filament sensor.

This sensor is capable enough to detect the filament stoppage instantly and will soon pause the printer by using a simple switch signal.

The Filament Roller is a drop-in replacement for the end-stop filament run-out sensor for several modern printing tools like Marlin firmware (1.1.x and later), RepRap, OctoPrint, and Raspberry Pi.

When compared to other available options in the market, the Filament Roller offers a superior mechanical hardware without any friction while using a high-resolution infrared sensor which is capable of detecting both – direction and speed without any wear out.

Take a look at the below video to understand things better.

The key component here is the control board that consists of the IR sensor for detection. Users can use a 24-volt external power supply or it can be sliced from the connected 3D printer. Using the control knob, users can adjust the alarm delay and direction as per their convenience.

The installation of the Filament Roller can be done inline or even connected to the filament spoof itself. 3D files for inline and spoof are already made available for download and modification.

Currently, Chris Robertson is running a Kickstarter and aims to raise $11,500 with 29 days more to go. If you are really in need of this wonderful thing or in love with the idea, you can back this project by booking one for yourself to get the early offer benefits.

Shipping across U.S is free and international shipping would cost around $16 for 1-2 units and $21 for 5 or more units.

Bhushan is a technology enthusiast and loves to work with cool new gadgets and devices. In his free time, he loves to read thriller fiction novels and sometimes explores his culinary skills.