Ferrari has a special place in my heart. I’ve become infatuated with them ever since seeing the F355 as a small boy back in the late 90s. Although the 250 GTO will forever remain my favorite Ferrari ever built, their latest creation has me feeling like a little boy all over again. Welcome everyone, to the Ferrari FXX K Evo.

The FXX K Evo is based on the track-only FXX K, a car which is in turn based on the road-going Ferrari LaFerrari. Although it’s not a brand-new model, the upgrades are so significant that it might as well be one. This is a LaFerrari on steroids, and the crazy exterior proves that.

Ferrari FXX K Evo
A side view of the Ferrari FXX K Evo

Ferrari is very good at making incredibly fast road cars go mind-blowingly fast on the track. Remember the old 599XX Evo? The new FXX K Evo takes that same concept but turns the dial up to 11. It’s based on a road car but there’s nearly nothing left intact. The end result is a thoroughbred track monster.

As with any Evo package Ferrari offers, most of the changes come in the form of different aero components. Apparently, this particular package has been in the works for over a year. Extensive CFD simulations and endless wind tunnel tests eventually culminated into this: the most extreme-looking car Ferrari has ever built. And yes, I’m including their F1 car in there as well.

Most of the changes can be noticed out back. For starters, the distinctive tailfins have been axed in favor of an enormous fixed wing. Ferrari says it works in conjunction with the active rear spoiler, but I’ve yet to see it in action. There’s also a new shark fin. It adds stability and helps the vortex generators, for an increase of 10 percent in downforce.

It ditches the tailfins but gets a new shark fin

When you fiddle with the car’s aero, you can’t leave one end intact. A certain balance is required, which in this case means some changes to the front as well. The bumper up front has been reshaped and gets new intakes, new vertical turning vanes, and those awesome gurney flaps. Again, the increase in downforce is a substantial 10 percent.

To cope with the added weight at speed, Ferrari tweaked the suspension, stiffening it up even further. After all, 23 percent more downforce is nothing to joke about, especially when you consider that’s 75 percent more downforce than the already insane LaFerrari.

Ferrari FXX K Evo Top View
It’s available as a standalone package or as an entire Ferrari FXX K Evo

How much downforce are we talking about? Try 640 kilograms at 124 mph and well over 820 kilograms at full chat. Ferrari added a new F1-style steering wheel inside the cabin, as well as a bigger screen for the rear camera. Otherwise, the powerplant carries over unchanged.

The FXX K Evo is an “extremely limited-run model”, but existing FXX K owners can get the package as a standalone offering. If this thing doesn’t get your blood flowing, I don’t know what will.