“You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward” were the words of the greatest ever tech titan – Steve Jobs. Well, Facebook’s latest announcement of Facebook Spaces, a social VR platform, helps us to understand Zuckerberg’s long-term plans in Virtual Reality and his acquisition of Oculus for $2 billion back in 2014.

During the F8 Developer Conference, the company announces its new social VR chat and meeting application – Facebook Spaces – which lets you socialize with your friends in the VR space in the form of cartoon avatars.

With the Facebook Spaces, you can enter the 360 video space and even call your friends and family to join by sending them an invite. However, before going into this VR arena, Facebook Spaces will allow you to choose your avatar derived from your Facebook photos.

Facebook Spaces

The application provides you with several selectable avatar options of your own which you can customize later by changing your facial features.

A nice addition is that you can have instant access to your Facebook content which can transport you in 360 videos and photos with your friends, where you can relive your memories on your timeline, and even create new ones while exploring new people along pages that you follow.

Facebook Spaces also gives users the ability to draw several doodles and creative stuff in VR using a marker.

Moreover, through Facebook Spaces you can make real calls to your friends with Facebook Messenger, irrespective of whether they have a VR headset or not.

Facebook Spaces Chat

Remember, while you are using Spaces and you make a video call to your friend in the real world, you will still be talking to his avatar in VR. Here you can spend time chatting with while sharing other interesting stuff.

facebook spaces video chat

Facebook Spaces is currently in the beta stage and is available for users of the Oculus Rift VR headset. After taking some feedback from its users and doing other enhancements to its apps, the company later plans to release this on other VR platforms as well.

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