You finally muster up the nerve to tell your boss what’s been on your mind. You passionately write out your discontent to them on Facebook and hit send. You regret it immediately. While you currently can’t undo your message, Facebook’s new “unsend” feature means that soon, you may have this previously unavailable option available to you!

As the largest social media platform with the most active users scattered throughout the world, Facebook is a forerunner of the social media world. But soon, a new feature that allows users to unsend their messages may play a part in helping Facebook maintain its popularity — and lead the social media realm for an unforeseeable amount of time to come.

While this social media site currently allows you to delete text previously sent through Messenger, it doesn’t remove that message from the recipient’s inbox. So, that means that even when you get rid of a text in your own inbox, it’ll still be visible to those who were on the receiving end of your message.

This past spring, TechCrunch released information that Facebook was in the process of creating an unsend feature for its users. Several Facebook employees confirmed that the messages they received from Zuckerberg disappeared from their inbox — leaving only their replies.

But after Facebook released information about this potential “unsend” feature, the company failed to fill its users in with more details — including information regarding how this tool would work or when the social media site intends to make this feature available to FB users.

That didn’t stop Facebook users from anxiously awaiting its release, however. The ability to unsend messages is long-overdue and would significantly transform the way users interact on this platform.

facebook unsend message

Whether you sent a typo-filled message to your boss or think that your last message to that new fling you’ve been seeing sounds a tad too clingy, having the resources necessary to undo your errors could provide a greater sense of comfort and security for you when engaging in conversations on Facebook.

Earlier this week, many received a better glimpse into what they can expect concerning Facebook’s new messaging feature. Tech tipster Jane Machun Wong tweeted a screenshot of the unsend feature in action. In a chat thread, the “Unsend Message” option is a choice located directly above the usual “Delete Message.”

This means that accessing this choice will be both easy and accessible — making it simple to undo any message you instantly regret sending.

You’ll be prompted to confirm your choice to unsend your message, with a pop-up screen stating that, “Your message will be removed from the chat.”

But if you’re looking forward to unsending all of those cringe-worthy texts sitting in your ex’s inbox, you may want to think again. Wong states that there will be a time limit for unsending messages, meaning you’ll only have a few minutes to decide whether you want to keep your unread texts sitting in your recipient’s inbox or not.

When will this feature be made available to the public? As is the case with any new feature, Facebook prefers to run internal tests to decide which areas of improvement will be necessary before they make it available to a more widespread audience.

But for the time being, you’ll want to put some extra thought into that controversial message you plan on sending to your coworker or that drunken poem you wrote to your ex at 3 a.m. Until Facebook decides to release its highly-anticipated “unsend” feature, your messages will end up in your recipient’s inbox – and stay there until they decide otherwise.