Have you ever confronted program errors while working on your computer? Stupid question, isn’t it? Of course, you have. And we bet that they annoyed you a great deal. Today, we are going to tackle the inability to run a particular program because of the “MSVCP140.dll file is missing” error.

So, your system has warned you that the MSVCP140.dll file is missing. As a result, you feel doomed, unable to start a cool game or open any WordPress menu items. Though experiencing this typical error may be frustrating, there is no need to give up your plans. Several effective methods can help you overcome the digital obstacles and open the necessary programs.

A Few Words About MSVCP140.dll Error

The mysterious MSVCP140.dll that prevents you from accomplishing your mission represents an essential file required for opening C++ applications created using Visual Studio 2015. A lot of people confront it when dealing with online games, website creation tools, and other utilities. When the MSVCP140.dll file is missing or corrupted in some way, users find themselves unable to launch a specific program. Still, there is no need to panic! The “MSVCP140.dll file is missing” error is a commonplace. Online game fans are not the only category witnessing this error message. With the recent upgrade rolled out by the Skype team, many users started experiencing this error.

What Should You Do?

For starters, make sure that you have Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 adequately installed on your PC. It is highly probable that your Skype install or other similar applications fail to associate with the MSVCP140.dll library due to the incorrect operation of the program mentioned above. So, if your system keeps on telling you that MSVCP.dll is missing from your computer, reinstalling Visual C++ can be quite helpful.

Still, there can be another type of the error. The system may refuse to open a certain program because MSVCP140.dll has not been found. In such a case, try reinstalling the application or the program you are currently experiencing difficulty with. This should help fix the problem.

So, let’s analyze the possible ways of the “MSVCP140.dll file is missing error in detail.

Option 1

To err is human, and you know it well. Sometimes, we inadvertently delete the useful files, which may result in program errors. So, why not check your Recycle Bin for the file missing from your computer? Open the Bin and type “MSVCP140.dll” into the search field. If you happen to find the necessary file among other “trash,” don’t hesitate to select and restore it.

Option 2


If you have noticed that only some of the individual C++ applications you try to launch present you with errors, but not all Windows apps, try to reinstall a problematic program. By doing so, you will be able to recover the missing file.  

To reinstall software, go to the Start menu and select “Apps and Features.”

Choose the application you are having troubles with. You will need to uninstall it first. Then, install the app again carefully following the instructions provided.

Option 3

When did you last install your Windows update? What? Can’t remember? That’s it! As practice shows, updating Windows can fix the MSVCP140.dll bug.

To do it, avail yourself of the combination of a Windows key and I. After pressing it, click on Updates & Security and choose Check for Upgrades. Once the available updates are found, you can start downloading the appropriate update on your computer. Restart the computer and check if you have managed to fix the problem.

Option 4

As it has been mentioned above, MSVCP140.dll files are an essential part of the Visual C ++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. Over time, the program may start operating incorrectly, which can be caused by various factors. If files get corrupted or damaged, this causes considerable problems with opening specific applications. As you might have already guessed, reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ can contribute to resolving the situation. Use the following recommendations to do it quickly and effectively:

Paste “Control Panel” into your taskbar’s search field. Once you are done, hit Enter.

Go to “Programs” to select the Redistributable you consider troublesome. Highlight it by right-clicking on it and select the “Uninstall” option.

After that, you are encouraged to visit the official Microsoft website, where you will be able to find and subsequently download the appropriate version of the program on your computer.

Once you are done, reboot the system and check if the bug is gone.   

Option 5

There is one more way to deal with the problem. When manual repair techniques fail, automatic ones remain. So, you can google for the automatic software that can present you with the best possible solution to your problem.