Silicon Valley based premium scooter maker – EcoReco has recently announced its new smart electric portable scooter the EcoReco Model R.

The Model R comes with rich features, built-in smart sensors, absolute connectivity, patented technology (Lightvigation), design stability and a lot more.

Designed for your daily commute, this intelligent e-scooter comes with several smart features onboard like smart locking, Carefree Fall Detection, Tile location tracking, Dynamic Battery Switching System, and moreover it also gives you control and access from your smartphone. Its portability features lets you easily carry it anywhere in hands or in a backpack.


The company has recently launched a campaign at Indiegogo and successfully managed to raise three times its goal value of $50k even with a month to close the campaign.

Let’s have a look at some of its key features from design to smart sensors and connectivity.

Design Considerations

The team at EcoReco has done some good homework at the ground level while designing the Model R. After several iterations, feedbacks and manufacturing experiences, the team has arrived with this modular solution.

Much needed attention has been given to specific design details like wheel size to base ratio, handle and control, balance and weight distribution, speed and torque trade-offs and others.

Unique Riding Modes

Under the Classic Throttle Mode, you can easily control the speed at your finger while riding the model R either for outdoor racing, Indoor purpose, cruise control, etc. Moreover, with the help of EcoReco smartphone app, you can even preset the top-speed or configure the ramp-up acceleration.

In case, you want to exercise with your own push the Kick-Ass Amplified mode will be the right choice. Here, the smart sensors will read the push of your kick and will drive you further with electric power boost.

The Kick-Ass Extended mode is for long range riding. Based on your manual kicks, this mode take you to the preset top-speed and lets you continue the e-ride till you apply brakes or the battery exhausts.

Dynamic Battery Switching

EcoReco ensures reliability and quality by using the panasonic cells in the Model R battery pack. As a customer, you get the freedom to choose between the “Lite” and the “Pro” packs as per your need.


The batteries are placed under you feet and can be quickly swapped between the forward and rear slot. The battery positions are carefully designed ensuring you never lose the balance on your scooter.

EcoReco has also placed its patented Dynamic Battery Switching system in the scooter. Here you can choose to power your Model R by a single battery or a mix of both. This smart battery technology also enables automatic power performance and shut offs in unusual circumstances.

Ultimate Smart Safety Features

The company’s own patented Lighvigation technology guides you at turns on towards your destination. The signals on the handlebars and rear fenders will guide you with turn-by-turn navigation. The flash frequency will increase as you approach closer to the turn.


Sufficient lighting at the front, rear and under footrest ensures better safety in dark light conditions as well.


The smart feature of Carefree Fall Notification gives you and your loved ones an ultimate peace-of-mind. In case of fall or impact, the built-in sensors would immediately get activated to register the impacts and scooter conditions. After few seconds on inactivity with the scooter, a text message will be sent to your registered emergency contact.

EcoReco has also provided the facility to lock your scooter physically with the lock hole and also electronically with your smartphone app. Here you can use your smartphone as a smart key and even share temporary access codes to your friends and family for scooter sharing.



Easy Bluetooth Tracking with “Tile”

The Model R comes with an integrated tracking function from Tile – A Bluetooth Tracking Device Maker.

With Tile, you can stay updated with the whereabouts of your scooter even if you step away. You will soon be notified in case you move out of range.

This being a Bluetooth tracking solution, you don’t need to shell any extra bucks with additional SIM and data plans.

Using 3rd Party Accessories

With its universal mount, the EcoReco Model R lets you carry additional smart gadgets and accessories. You can mount your camera on the handlebar and even charge them on-the-go by using USB port on throttle unit. 

With such rich and multiple features, the Model R from EcoReco is something you would be looking for your daily commute. You can book yourself one and extend the support at Indiegogo and even take the early benefits of pre-launch. The delivery for the Model R is expected to start in April 2017.