Even if you have cloud-based storage programs like Google Drive and Dropbox set up, there is a substantial chance that you might potentially lose important files by ‘accidentally’ formatting the SD card.

This is where a file recovery system such as EaseUS Data Recovery comes in handy.

Let’s take a look at some of the prominent features of the  EasuUS Data recovery wizard.

Why Format The SD Card?

EaseUS Data

In non-technical terms, formatting an SD card is the process of deleting existing files and making room for new data. If you purchase an SD card, it might be already pre-formatted.

In some cases, you might need to format an existing SD card to get rid of viruses, fix technical errors, or prepare it for use with a new product like a MacBook so that you can make backups.

Sometimes we can get a bit clumsy and forget to back up the existing SD card, or hit that ‘format’ button without backing up the previously stored data.

Unless that data has been overwritten, it can still be recovered even though it is inaccessible.

Yes, through the free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can recover the formatted files almost immediately. It will also recover data after emptying recycle bins, operating system reinstallation, and system crash from all sources, including hard drives and external systems. 

About EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free software. It is user-friendly and one of the most effective ways to access lost or deleted files. Launch the program, and you will be asked to specify the drive or folder you would like to scan for the recovery of data. 

Once the scanning process is completed, the results will be shown on an Explorer-style, easy to navigate view from which you can select the file you want to recover.  

As we mentioned above, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free program that allows users to recover up to 2GB of data.

For more functionality and advanced features such as recovering more data, a paid version is available for $69.95, which offers unlimited data recovery and support.

Additionally, a PRO version is also available for $99.90

It comes with a bootable media to support system crashes along with unlimited file recovery. 


  • Preview option
  • Free 2GB recovery limit
  • Ability to specify the folder
  • Works for operating system crashes 
  • Recovers deleted files from recycle bin
  • Restores files after a virus attack
  • Restores accidental partition loss
  • Supports more than 1000 types of files
  • Works for both – Windows and Mac



Sadly, a lot of us often learn about the importance of maintaining proper backups the hard way.

Data loss can be a traumatic situation to deal with and to avoid any unnecessary upheaval, make sure to back up your SD card frequently to guarantee access to your essential data. 

And if all fails – make use of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, the easiest and most efficient way to retrieve lost data. And this software also supports mac data recovery.