Apple products are, for the most part, designed well. However, when they break, it can cost you a fortune to repair them. The Apple MacBook Pro charger is no different. And often, I see people cheap out and try to fix the charger, instead of replacing them. I tell you- it’s almost always a wrong decision, especially if you’re planning to keep your MacBook for a long run.

The original MacBook Charger is expensive, just like any other Apple product. It is overpriced for what it is but the charger packs in a lot of safety tech that other cheap Chinese chargers don’t.

Here are three reasons why you may want to get a new MacBook charger instead of attempting to repair your broken one.

You Don’t Want To Destroy A $1500+ MacBook To Save A Few Bucks

Look, a MacBook is an expensive laptop. A decently specced MacBook Pro costs north of $1500, and you don’t want to use a cheap knock-off charger and risk destroying your device.

I know it sounds tempting to get a knock-off charger, especially since you can get one for under $20. Sure, it will work just as well as a genuine one but trust me, it’s just for a short period. Since the circuit board on the knock-offs are way less complex, you risk damaging your MacBook in case of power fluctuation.

Think about long-run and you will want to get a charger from Apple itself.

There’s No Great Alternative To The Original

Left: Genuine MacBook Pro charger || Right: Third-party MacBook compatible charger

Although you will find many USB-C power adapters, none of them are fully compatible with Apple MacBooks. They will charge your laptop without giving any warnings, but they won’t charge it in optimal speed.

Since Apple went with the USB-C power adapter route, I worry less about quality chargers. There are tons of brands that make high-quality USB-C chargers. For example, you can get compatible USB-C Chargers from brands like Anker and RavPower who are known for producing high-quality smartphone and laptop accessories. However, it’s common for them to fail in a short period because they weren’t explicitly designed for the MacBooks.

A Repaired MacBook Pro Charger Isn’t Going To Last

circuit-board-genuine-vs-chinese-apple-chargerThis is a mistake that I made. A new Apple MagSafe 2 power adapter for my 2014 MacBook Pro would cost me $80. I thought it was too much to pay for a charger. So, I looked for a cheaper alternative.

A shop offered to repair my blown charger for significantly less money. The repairman of the shop opened my charger and figured that my charger ‘board’ had fried.

He said that he could replace the board with another one for a mere $25. Since the repairman claimed the ‘replacement board’ was from another legit Apple charger, I thought it was a sweet deal. Boy, I sure got suckered.

Just a day after the repair, my MagSafe charger started acting weird. The light on the end of the charging cord would continue glowing even after it was off the laptop- this didn’t happen with my original charger.

It was then just a matter of days before the charger died again. The repairman had said he would repair the charger again if something went wrong. I didn’t bother to take it back and instead bought a new MagSafe 2 charger from Apple.

The entire process not only cost me more but also consumed a lot of my time which I could have put in productive work.

Buying a new Apple MacBook adapter is more expensive but remember that it comes with a 1-year warranty and more importantly, a little peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about unplugging the charger every time and nor do you have to worry about blowing your MacBook. You can also keep your MacBook on charge overnight and not worry about degrading your battery.

So in short, as painful as it might be, it’s usually best to stick with genuine Apple parts.