On the face of it all, mouse pads are some of the most simple but overlooked PC peripherals you can buy. These squishy, square-shaped sized PC accessories have been with us since forever. They help improve your computer interaction, and in some cases, they help to enhance your mouse control.  But in the last few years, there has been a rising trend in RGB mouse pads. More manufacturers are releasing these quirky creations to no end.

Besides the higher barrier to entry, do RGB mouse pads enhance your gameplay? Do they help increase your efficiency during a graphic design application? The answer is more than likely not.

Just because they don’t do anything specific to improve your mice control, doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to have around. Sure, there is the argument to be made for spending $40+ for one, and the same can be made for the need to have one.

Compared to a regular mouse pad, you’ll more-or-less get the same textured low-friction surface along with the same performance, give or take in some scenarios. It’s not that much different from spending more for an RGB gaming keyboard. The lights don’t improve your response time, but the build quality and the style of keys used are the most important things that matter.

In all honesty, these fancy mouse pads enhance the look of your entire setup and not much else, and that’s not a bad thing.

Having the right color combination with your setup can have a huge impact on your mood.

It’s not a secret that colors can evoke specific moods. Color Psychology is very real, and the amount of research conducted on this subject predates all of us.

There are studies that show the impact on particular performance metrics that colors have on us.

Are They Worth It?


Soft Rubber Mouse Pad RGB

I’m not making a case for, or against the need for RGB mouse pads, as your purchasing decision all comes down to your personal preferences.

Will you ever see a TechMalak version? I don’t know, maybe in the future if the technology allows for real-world mouse enhancements.

One thing is for sure, and that’s we’ve come a long way concerning mouse pads.

I mean, did you ever think we would be talking about lights in pads?

I remember in my earlier days sitting on the carpet floor with my Intel Pentium computer playing games. Of course, the carpet was my mouse pad and my computer desk all-in-one.

These days, RGB lighting can be found on your gaming mouse, motherboard, graphics card, case fans, and the cases themselves.

Remember the full-tower NZXT Phantom 820? That was one of my most sought after cases at the time. Forget about trying to match up with the right case fans; this gaming case had an entire RGB selector wheel to play with.

Ultimately, are RGB mouse pads worth their price? Yes and no. They are worth it if you need the right color combination to set off your mood, or if you have a certain look that you are going for with your setup.

In the end, they don’t necessarily add any real functionality worth mentioning versus their non-RGB counterparts in all honesty. Prices will fluctuate according to market demand, that’s just the nature of things. The most straightforward answer is to get what you need for your setup so that it makes sense for your budget.