Well after all the waiting and near constant leaks, Samsung finally pulled the wraps of the Galaxy S9 series. They are sleek and powerful devices featuring the latest in mobile computing worthy of respect. Featuring the best in mobile screen technology and the latest processor, this company continues to cement itself as the king of Android.

But then there is the price. Here in Canada, the S9 starts at $960 and the S9+ will cost you $1,100. You could build yourself a custom PC for that.

Both devices are still worthy of respect, and to give Samsung credit they haven’t messed with a successful formula that’s been working. I actually commend them for their turn-around efforts from the Galaxy S5 till now.

But how much has changed since the S8? We’ve got the same resolution screen, and battery capacity in what is still a more than capable product.

In fact, the S8 and S8+ show no signs of aging at the moment and can blaze through anything that you through at it. They still feel like new phones.

Apart from an AR emoji, a super fancy slow-motion and dual aperture features that make its cameras stand out, these new models are essentially the same as last years lineup.

Thankfully, the fingerprint scanner is below the camera this time around. This will make it easier to unlock the phone while keeping your fingers from smudging the rear camera.

For most people who own an S8 or S8+, the incentive to upgrade isn’t there, unless you need to be on the bleeding edge of mobile technology with the latest phone.

Galaxy S9 Colors

For those that are looking to jump over to Android from iOS, or for those that are still rocking the S7, I’d say now is the time to get the S9|S9+ via pre-order.

And maybe that’s who Samsung is targeting this year. Through their “Trade Up and Save” programs, customers are guaranteed to get a minimum $100 off in addition to the trade-in value.

I’d say that’s a great deal and worth it if you are looking to save some extra money.

A bigger question remains though. Have we reached the point of a plateau for smartphones? Do manufacturers have to resort to software gimmicks and more color options to attract more sales?

The fact that we are holding on to our devices longer without upgrading may be adding to the rising costs of newer models. If we aren’t buying in droves like we once were several years ago, then companies have to resort to other tactics.

The S9|S9+ will more than likely sell well. Samsung played it safe this time around, which is a smart move. Afterall, why mess with success when you don’t have to?

For those looking for a better product from Samsung, they may have to wait for the Note 9 when it launches near the end of 2018.

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