Drone manufacturer DJI makes its appearance at CES 2015 by adding new products to its lineup. First on the list, is the new Inspire handheld mount, to which is the same 4K camera found on the recently released DJI Inspire One quadcopter with a 12 megapixel shooter,  which is for professionals who want an all-in-one solution. Moving the handheld mount in any position will keep the camera centered and stable for a shake-free shot

Also the company has now included a Sony A7 gimbal for the A7 S, A7 R and the A7 2 models. Using their Zenmuse technology, professionals now have more options when it comes to mounting cameras to their UAV for commercial purposes. 

DJI Inspire One

This Chinese manufacture is widely known for its products, and is the most popular of drone makers currently in the world. The Inspire One quadcopter has enthused consumers with its futuristic look and appeal that some say looks like a Star Wars drone. DJI looks to further bring more products to the market place, by trying to bridge the gap between consumers and professionals with its devices. More people are using UAV’s to capture footage  of things that were previously impossible or expensive to shoot.