It’s common knowledge that stress leads to depression. To tackle the whole depression scenario better, we must understand the factors that influence a person’s mental health and drive him or her to despair. A study on environment and its influence on mental health have revealed some interesting facts about depression. While we generally tend to think that life events like a divorce, death or a breakup cause depression, this study showed much broader causes of chronic depression.

To understand depression better, one must realize ‘stress’ and its causes. Sociologists have broken down the concept of stress into three parts—sources, mediators, and manifestations. The sources and their manifestation is of relevance to our discussion. Any situation or a setting that induces stress is known as a stressor. Chronic stressors are the ones that are commonly identified to be the most stress-inducing factors in one’s life. So moving forward, the sources of chronic stress in anyone’s life most commonly include divorces, deaths or loved ones, breakups in relationships, bitter fights and quarrels among friends or families. On an individual level, these seem to be the causes of stress.

However, if we move on to a more broader level, like a group of people, then the most stress-inducing factor is the environment. The environment can act as a chronic stressor for a large number of people. ‘Ambient’ strains are the chronic stressors in a given environment that can trigger depression and affect a person’s mental health negatively.

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Moving on, it is now essential to realize that the environment is powerful concerning the amount of influence it can exert on a person’s wellbeing. Therefore, workplaces have to place much emphasis on how the employees feel and thereby trying to treat people suffering from depression.

Depression is also one of the world’s most common diseases. Ironically, it is often undiagnosed at the right time and isn’t treated and cured completely. As a matter of fact, mental health is even more important than your physical health; yet, people not paying attention to their psychological health is a sad fact. On top of that, many people neglect their depression thinking ‘it will just go away. ’It doesn’t work that way. In any given set of people suffering from clinical depression, 40% suffer from treatment resistance and cannot get better with the traditional depression treatment methods. While 60% can be treated in standard ways and saved from depression, the other 40% who are resistant to standard methods can be helped through an innovative therapy by the TMS Health Solutions known as the TMS Therapy.

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TMS Therapy is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation; an FDA cleared non-invasive and innovative therapy for treating people unresponsive to antidepressants and other medications. Companies and workplaces who are passionate about their employees are greatly benefitting from the TMS Health Solution’s full range of services which primarily cater to the needs of mental health illnesses. Clinical depression must be addressed and appropriately diagnosed. Mental health conditions are treatable only if one decides to step forward in the right direction. TMS Therapy is the one-stop solution for curing your depression. A happy man is a healthy man. Never stop looking after your mental health and wellness.