Growing up to become a car enthusiast that I am today, playing racing games have always been a big part of my life. Throughout the years, I’ve had the chance to enjoy the intense realism of some of the top racing simulators like the Gran Turismo, GTR, and  Racedriver GRiD series, as well as many arcade oriented games like the ever so popular Need For Speed franchise. While spending my time on nail-biting head-to-head action, I’ve always considered consoles and PC as the only option to indulge into the racing world. Until I discovered CSR Racing 2 that is.

CSR Racing 2 is an impressive looking sequel to the popular drag racing themed game made available on either Android or iOS. The developers behind the CSR Racing series utilized the massive jump in available performance of present-day hand-held devices, to create something that could easily pass as a regular game. From visual to performance mods, online gameplay, crews, etc., it’s all there.

I have to make something clear before I move on with the gameplay. It’s a big game. Well, big is an understatement. It’s a massive game that will consume about 1.6 GB of memory space on your device, so make sure you have a bit more than that available before you even attempt to download it. Things also might get quite hot, as the stunning graphics require a lot of power to look the way they do. Because of that, older phones or those with average specs may have some trouble with running it smoothly.

The Gameplay Of CSR Racing 2

With the important stuff out the way, let’s get into the game itself. At first, you’re behind the wheel of a loaned Mustang, eagerly waiting to dominate the snowy quarter-mile drag strip. I was impressed with the graphics, but the sound took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. I see it being better than a bunch of expensive non-mobile games, which is just amazing considering this is a free-to-play game. And it’s on mobile.

After giving the ‘stang a run through its paces and getting acquainted with the physics and what’s “your main objective”, you get some credits towards your first car. It was a pleasant surprise to see a lot of options when it comes to vehicles available, from low-end city buzzers to the likes of the McLaren P1, CSR Racing 2 includes more than 50 licensed cars at your disposal, with more and more being added from time to time.

CSR Racing 2 Garage
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Once I was spawned into the garage, I instantly felt a specific Need For Speed Payback influence. It’s the same with modding, as there’s plenty of customization options available in CSR Racing 2. Wheels, wraps, body kits, you name it, it’s there.

The racing part of CSR Racing 2 is the fun part. You have a massive map with locations, with more being added via updates. You can play in single-player career mode, battling with in-game crew members to take the city by storm. Then there’s the on-line section which makes the game shine.  When playing on-line, you put yourself on the line against real people from all over the world. There’s a number of events you can take part in, as well as world ranks so you can check out where you stand against Lukas’s Ferrari 488 Pista from Lithuania.

CSR Racing 2 Crew Battle
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Another thing that reminded me of NFS Payback and The Crew is the ability to make your own crew in the vast online multiplayer section. The developers made it easy to create personalized squads with friends and other online players, making the game fun and relaxed. As there’s always a need for talking to people, developers included live chats in the mix.

The Porsche Connection

To celebrate the 70 years of Porsche, Natural Motion teamed up with well-established people in the Porsche community to give you the chance to enjoy a couple of unique Porsche models which are hand-picked by them. The celebration will be realized over a couple of updates, but for the first one, champion racer Mark Webber picked a 911 GT2 RS equipped with the extraordinary “Weissach Package”, while the father of RWB, Akira Nakai, decided on his personal 993 dubbed “Rotana”.

CSR Racing 2 Webber
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Gaming Phones Should Be A Thing

I spent a couple of hours playing the game, which made me change my mind about gaming on the phone. If all mobile games are heading towards the level of details that CSR Racing 2 has, gaming phones make perfect sense. From a visual and customization standpoint, I think it’s an amazing game.

CSR Racing 2 Tuning
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But there’s one thing that I’m a bit disappointed with, and that’s the sound. Yes, it’s realistic, and the cars sound good, but they’re not matched to the real thing. I don’t want the Aventador to sound like a V8. I want the high pitched howl of the V12. I don’t want the Cayman to sound like a four-cylinder, and I want that flat six symphony.

Other than that, you have my glowing recommendations to check CSR Racing 2 out and enjoy some casual drag racing. You’re bound to enjoy it, especially with the updates bringing quality content instead of fixing bugs and making the game worse.