Cool Gadgets To Buy That Won’t Break The Bank


Technology can make our lives a little easier with all the discovery advancements today. We have smartphones that are behave like mini computers, cars that can drive themselves, drones that can deliver packagesexoskeleton suits  and more. But you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy yourself with some lovely inexpensive tech. If you love technology and are looking for some cool gadgets to buy, either for yourself or for someone, then you have come to the right place. We take a look at some very interesting gadgets that maybe you have never heard of.

Swann HD PenCam Spy Camera and Recorder $45.99



This 720P 4 GB spy pen camera, can capture video and audio without being detected. Once you have your files stored on the device, all that needs to be done to retrieve those files, is to connect the pen to your PC via USB cable. At only $45.99, this is a cool and inexpensive way to get your spy on.

Creative WP-300 wireless – Bluetooth Headphones $105.99


Listening to your media just got a lot easier, with this wireless headset. With a transmission range of 33 feet, you no longer have to be tied down with clumsy headphone cords. Just connect these headphones to your mobile device via Bluetooth technology, and just forget about it. At $105.99 these headphones are more expensive than basic headphones. But if you need a wireless pair of headphones for your media or studio work, then these are a great buy.

Combo Liquor/Wine Bottle Lock $21.99

If you just cant trust the people around you with your quality liquor, and you are running out of hiding spots. Then do yourself a great service and head on over to and pickup a combination wine bottle lock. Made out of Stainless Steel, rest assured your teenage kids won’t dip into your liquor while you are gone on vacation. This is one of the most useful cool gadgets to buy that wont break the bank.

 Battery Insulation Heated Electric Gloves $38.49

If you live in a place like Canada where temperatures get very cold, and you are outdoors a lot, then these battery insulated heated electric gloves may be for you. I have owned a similar pair years ago when my job required me to work out doors for the day in frigid temperatures. These gloves are bigger than your regular pair of gloves, with the battery pack hidden in the wrist compartment of the gloves. They work great, bringing the heat to the tips of your fingers and throughout your whole hand. The downside that I found, were that the batteries only got a few days of use. These gloves are a great idea if you find it hard to keep your hands warm during extending periods of time outdoors. Just be sure to buy rechargeable batteries also.

Astro 5600mAh Portable Power Bank Pack $29.99

This backup battery charger with built-in flash light, is a must have if you find yourself away from a power source unable to charge your smartphone. You can get between 2-3 full charges on your smartphone with this giant 5600mAh battery charger. You will be able to charge the most popular smartphones on the market, such as the iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and many more. Just connect your USB cable for a quick charge.

LED Shower Head $9.49

If you want a cool gadget to buy that you can use everyday, then why not use it in the shower. These LED shower heads will turn colors every 3-5 seconds without the need for batteries. The LED lights will only work while your faucet is turned on. Regular price was $69.99, but now reduced.

These are just a few collections of some cool gadgets from around the web that could potentially make your life just a little simpler. Please note that all the images are direct links to the individual products, with companies is affiliated with. I’m sure many of you have found gadgets that are unique and useful. What are some cool gadgets to buy that you have come across on your searches?