Communicating with people across different languages will get a bit easier with Microsoft’s translation app for iOS(including the Apple Watch), Android and Android Wear devices.

Microsoft is taking new steps to break down communication barriers for its users with its translator apps, which it says is designed to “translate-on-the-go” and is a free download for supported devices.

This translator app can understand text as well as voice commands, in its supported 50 languages from around the world, some of which include Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Greek and German.

Users can also pull up a history of previously translated words, which makes remembering different languages a little easier. More interesting is that Microsoft is offering this app for Android Wear devices which can read out loud translated words. Just for comparison sake, Google’s translation app which now supports 90 languages, isn’t available for Android Wear.

Microsoft Translation App

Google’s translation tool however has the slick ability that allows a user to point their smartphone’s camera at a block of text on an object, and have it translated.

According to the post from Microsoft’s blog”

Wearables are a fascinating place to understand user experiences for translation. No other type of device allows people to interact with so little physical intrusion from the device itself— PC’s, tablets, and even phones can be occasionally awkward and unnatural in the middle of a conversation. With these smart devices, we want to learn how people use the apps and how effective the translation experiences can be. By integrating translation capabilities into devices that are instantly on hand (pun intended), we hope to continue to break down the last barrier in human communication— language.

Microsoft Translator App Apple Watch

Connecting people is one thing, breaking down the language barrier is another critical step in bringing different groups of communities together whether for business or for pleasure with an app such as this.

After the recent release of Window 10, its refreshing to see Microsoft continuing on to improve its product offerings through innovate software such as its new translator app.