Before the #MeToo movement gained momentum worldwide, some people tried to separate the act from the artist, defending their decision by reasoning, “Well, if they did, that’s terrible, but it doesn’t make them any less of a creative genius.” However, as the public outcry grew, it became harder to keep up that tactic — and less desirable to try.

Recently, it seemed like the list of alleged sexual assaults grew by the day, making even the most news-savvy people find it hard to keep up. You might have stumbled upon a headline and thought you’d never dreamed a once-favorite star would have that kind of associated notoriety.

That’s where Uncover Harassers, a free new Chrome extension, comes into play!

How It Works

This extension has a simple concept behind it. While pulling its information from a published list of alleged harassers, it highlights the names of the accused in a can’t-miss-it block of red. The extension’s listing in the Chrome Web Store also includes a form people can fill out to report other accused individuals who are missing from the app’s database.

Why We Need It

When the news broke about Harvey Weinstein, followed by Kevin Spacey and many other Hollywood veterans, other well-known faces chimed in with their thoughts. In some cases, the sentiments seemed well-intentioned at first but ultimately demonstrated complicity or ignorance.

That means if you want to stand up for the victims, it’s necessary to do your research and not only find out the names of the accused but how other celebrities responded to those accusations. The Undercover Harassers extension has you covered with the first step because it highlights the names as you browse the web.

When the extension alerts you about yet another celebrity tied to sexual misconduct, take it upon yourself to comb through recent Twitter posts and Facebook content to get a feel for how people reacted. Moreover, see which celebrities are on the side of the accused or not firmly planted in the victim’s corner.

How It Helps Show Support for the #MeToo Movement

In various ways, people are showing that they’re tired of sexual harassment getting covered up in Hollywood. Some celebrities wore black on the red carpet of award shows, while people from all backgrounds have donated to causes that help victims of sexual assault.

A recent poll shows a majority of women from all age groups support the #MeToo movement and think it’s a fair representation of their interests. Refreshingly, many men also indicate that they stand with women and understand why the actions of the accused are unacceptable.

On an individual level, after using the Uncover Harassers extension to stay informed about accused individuals, we can decide not to give money to projects associated with those people, whether it’s their movies, albums, television shows, books or something else.

By doing that, you’re making a purposeful choice not to use your money to support the careers of people connected to sexual assault. Essentially, it’s very similar to how some aware consumers don’t buy things made by companies that promote practices that don’t align with their values, such as activists for the humane treatment of animals choosing not to buy from companies that test on animals.

Aside from voicing your view with your wallet, you can also show disapproval with social media as many celebrities see social media followers as validations of their credibility and popularity — plus use the platform and their followers to score sponsorships.

If you’ve been following a person on social media who makes headlines for alleged sexual assault, deciding to no longer keep tabs on their public-facing internet activities is something you can do with the touch of a button. It may seem like a small action, but it’s a visual display of disapproval, and in today’s social media-driven world, it can be meaningful, especially when done on a larger scale.

Why It’s Time to Voice Your Opinion

With the wave of sexual harassment allegations, you may feel like it’s something that’s too big to fight, or that your voice doesn’t matter. It does though, as the people who have come forward demonstrate how sexual assault can silence even the most powerful, successful people — and how there is strength in numbers.

Your voice, your opinion. It matters, and it supports a movement for ending the silence that sexual assaulters bully their victims into and giving those affected trust and belief in their words. With Uncover Harassers, you can form your opinion and stay up-to-date on the latest cases and accusations in Hollywood, as well as decide about who or what you support with your wallet.

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