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If you’re reading this, chances are you have a printer at home or work. If you do, you’re probably familiar with the nuisances involved in dealing with one. I’m not even talking about software malfunctions, but rather maintenance and keeping the thing running. My dad owned a book store, and I used to print hundreds of pages a day, and support was becoming a weekly chore as you might imagine. It’s not so much the time it requires, but rather the cost associated with it.

Changing ink cartridges is a personal pet peeve of mine. I hate how messy it can get, and I hate the fact that low-quality items from questionable sources never seem to deliver what they claim. Now imagine finding a company which not only meets all of your printer requirements but surpasses them. That’s precisely what I saw with Certified Cartridges.

Who are they?

As I mentioned, Certified Cartridges is a company which specializes in the sale of printing products for your printer. What do I mean by printing products? Well, original laser cartridges, inkjets, actual printers, and cables, to name a few. You get the idea. Anything which is in any way related to a printer or can be considered an accessory.

What separates Certified Cartridges?

Certified Cartridges is unique in that it offers both original and refurbished cartridges for your printer. As far as I’m aware they’re one of the only, if not the only printing-related company to offer such a service. They have a vast assortment of recycled and original products, all outsourced from reputable manufacturers. Their standards are, needless to say, very high. They take pride in conserving the environment by re-using cartridges, all the while offering you, the customer, product at a much lower price. It’s a win-win scenario.

A little bit more about the company

Certified Cartridges meets the demands of over 2000 companies which require frequent and regular printing supplies. It’s exactly this stellar service which gave Certified Cartridges their reputation. Want to visit them in person? That’s easy because they’re located in Plateau Mont-Royal. You can’t miss their shop.

Certified Cartridges makes Profit 500 list

Is it worth it?

If you value your time and money, then absolutely. You won’t find a company which can match, let alone beat, their price, and certainly not one with the same reputation. You can visit their website and contact them yourself. You’ll find a customer service that I haven’t encountered with another printing company. It’s easy to write a sponsored post for an organization which has already proven itself. Certified Cartridges delivers on all fronts, hence why they’re such a pleasure to work with. Regardless, if you’re looking to buy an original or recycled product, quite frankly you’ll be doing yourself a disservice by not working with Certified Cartridges.