Although a lot of new cars boast integrated multimedia systems capable of playing music and answering calls, the need for a third-party application which will do the same has been on the rise. Most cars on the road are nearly 10 years old. In fact, the average age of cars on the road is 9 years old, so a lot of you probably know the struggles associated in dealing with old infotainment systems. The music won’t play properly, you can’t connect your phone with the system, etc. CarOS is the first driving application targeting these exact issues, aiming to fully integrate everything into one simple package. It’s a driver-orientated application which is easy to use and doesn’t distract you from the main thing you should be doing: driving.

Think of it as the ultimate all-in one application for all your driving needs. It will play music, answer calls, navigate, and even open a variety of third-party applications. Partnered with Waze, Spotify and Google maps, CarOS’ developer claims the application database CarOS is compatible with will only get bigger as time goes on. A new Dashboard App will enable users to record their driving route, share their exact position to friends, and even launch installed applications directly through CarOS.

Officially launching in October of this year, you can now participate in CarOS’ Kickstarter campaign and get the application as soon as it’s released. Forget about $200+ third-party apps, as CarOS is yours for just $20 (including a 1-year subscription plan). Pledging more gets you even bigger bonuses, such as key chains and driver packs, but we’ll let you decide what option suits you best. Feel free to go over to their Kickstarter webpage and support this amazing app which will, in my opinion, change the way we interact with driving interfaces.

Stefan Petrov
I love everything that has to do with cars. I could practically name every manufacturer and model before i could even say mom or dad. Recently i've taken up motorsport, with plans to travel to England and compete should the perfect opportunity arise. In my spare time i like to do some biking, and occasionally play the guitar.