The world of virtual reality is getting more traction; Tech companies and developers worldwide are working towards bringing new, innovative and affordable solutions. The aim has always been to make the technology available to a larger mass of people.

One such company – Aimfire – seeks to make the recording of VR videos inexpensive and easily accessible to more people. Aimfire has now launched its Camarada application that lets users take stereoscopic 3D videos by using two smartphones. These are the same 3D videos that VR tech companies capture to create immersive content.

The Camarada app will turn any nearby smartphones into dynamic camera arrays. The developers of the camera app have infused their proprietary technology in the app that helps to synchronize and link two smartphone cameras together accurately. The output is then rectified to produce VR videos without any user intervention automatically.

Anyone using the Camarada app can create engaging content as the built-in solution offers enough flexibility to capture across the single-user mode to powerful multi-phone mode.

Take a look at the Camarada VR tutorial  video below

“The lack of user generated content is a big pain point for virtual reality. Professional-grade VR cameras are designed for Hollywood and way out-of-reach for the mass market. Camarada allows anyone to capture and share VR video with their smartphones, for free. The stunning 3D videos it creates rival those created with specialized cameras that cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.”

Unlike other VR camera apps that stitch multiple captured images into one panoramic view, Camarada lets users directly record 3D high-definition movies for immersive content.

Joe Sofio said “Camarada truly democratises VR content creation for the masses. We believe the most powerful application of VR is preserving and reliving our true memories, and sharing them with our loved ones.”

As-on-date VR videos are being shot using dedicated camera arrays with multi-camera products such as Nokia Ozo and Go Pro Odyssey which is a bit expensive and needs very careful handling. Moreover, these high-end solutions are used by movie creators and production houses.

Camarada solution can be used by a novice and offers an early edge in learning to record VR videos. The Camarada app is free and available on the Google Play Store and is expected to soon arrive on the App Store as well.

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