It’s hard to beat the feeling of being in the presence of something unique. Our roadways,office spaces, backalleys, and streets are filled with companies using the same boring brick-and-mortar design, in cities that are as old as your grandparents.

More companies, however, are bucking that dying trend, and are breaking free from the old ridgid format that we’ve all grown up with over the years.

Inspired by the art of modern design, we are now seing more brands incorporating world-class graffiti, street art, and illustration to exemplify what it means to stay relevant in a society dominated by popular culture.

These Canadian companies are creating unique Instagrammable spaces, worthy of the best DSLR and smartphone cameras to share on your social media feeds.


StickerYou retail

This is a brand that was born out of the desire for true artistic expression.

Design is in its ethos, and the passion for inspiring others is its benchmark for sucess.

StickerYou continues to provide customers from around the world with high quality custom stickers, labels, decals, iron-ons, and temporary tattoos.

Lauched with the idea that art and design should be available to a global audience, StickerYou started life out as an eCommerce storefront.

Now, it is extending its reach and influence by offering Torontonians a brick-and-mortar experience that is unrivaled by its competitors.

The new retail location includes a compelling Instagrammable floorplan that allows companies and entreprenuers to make the best use of contemporary art and culture by creating brandable custom products for business or personal use.


HootSuite wall

Social media marketing & managment company Hootsuite has always been a stalwart when it comes to designing their office spaces.

While the company doors are not open to regualr foot-traffic, one of the most iconic logos in the busines; The owl, is worthy of being instagrammable, along with their office space layouts.

It’s attention to detail, and larger than life profile, makes Hootsuite offices a camera buffs delight.

Employees gain inspiration via the artistic nature of the company, which in turn, makes for a comfortable work environment.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Instagram Pics

This company has a cult-like following in Canada, with a congregation on every corner accross the country.

While the interior and exterior design of Timmies isn’t something that showcases on an Instagram feed, it’s the products themeselves Canadians are obsessed over.

From Roll Up The Rim contests, to amazingly maple glazed donuts, you’ll find druel-wrothy creations being uploaded in the thousands on social media across the country.

Coffee, donunts, sandwiches, and soups, somehow find their way into unque camera shots. This is one of the best way for a company to gain brand recognition from a loyal fanbase.

Canadians are extremly loyal to the brand, and some find it incredibly difficult to resist the urge to share their donut pics.


Commander Shepard Bioware

Canadian video game developer Bioware is another brand with a huge following.

They are behind some of the most memorable and iconic video game characters in the industry.

Known for their artisitc in-game video designs, and futuristic alien worlds, the offices at Bioware are a work of art in their own right.

In almost every workspace, you’ll find concept art, and iconic characters portrayed artistically on various walls in memorable poses from their respective video game titles.


We can’t mention video game developers without including the OG of them all, Ubisoft.

Their office spaces are filled with video game characters from some 200 titles spanning decades created by some of the best developers in the world.

You can tell Ubisoft is a company dedicated to creating some of the best designed worlds found on consoles and PCs by taking one glance of their Instagram feeds.


Brands that are looking to reach a wider audience can’t ignore the importance of social media in its current state.

No longer is it an option, but a necessity to remain relevant on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

The best brands in the world are taking things further, by creating remarkable instagrammable spaces for their customers and employees.

Attention to detail, and artistic designs aren’t just limited to art galleries anymore. The ability for a company to express their values and core beliefs through art and design is gaining them a competitive advantage in a hyper-connected world.