A month ago, we introduced you to Bollinger Motors and their unique, fully-electric Sports Utility Truck (SUT for short). You can check out that article here. Although the company promised some truly ground-breaking stuff, a lot of you folks remained skeptical about the entire ordeal. Bollinger, remaining true to their word, have not disappointed in their most recent delivery. The first official rendering of the truck’s interior hints that it’s actually closer to production than we all originally thought.

The first rendering of the upcoming Bollinger SUT’s interior

Designed to be a simple-as-you like honest, hardworking truck, the interior follows the same basic concept. Robert Bollinger, the company founder, stated that in designing and creating the upcoming SUT, he combined traits and characteristics from most of his favorite trucks from the last century or so. Land Rovers, Land Cruisers, Jeeps… you name it. Think of it as a best hits version created from the all-time off-roading greats.

The cabin seems to be minimalistic and simple, just like Bollingers claimed it would be. Nothing extra. Just the bare necessities. The end result is a great design with simple mechanical gauges and displays, a tall roof and plenty of window surfaces for amazing visibility. Owners can further individually style their truck when ordering it, custom-tailoring it to their preference. The finished creation will be showed off this summer at an event held in New York, and we can’t wait to see it in the flesh.

Stefan Petrov
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