The market for smartwatches is growing as the technology and software for the tech becomes more refined and useful.

Now, though, it seems that there will be an unexpected shakeup in the market.

Blocks is a new smartwatch startup that far exceeded its Kickstarter goal and will bring fully customizable smartwatches to consumers as early as June 2016.

Blocks smartwatch is the worlds first modular smartwatch with its unique approach to design and functionality.

blocks smartwatch

Blocks makes this possible through interchangeable links in the smartwatch band, appropriately named blocks.

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These blocks make up the entire band of the watch, and it looks similar the bands on traditional watches. The watch also has a round face, so it looks like the popular Moto 360.

The Blocks smartwatch will run a custom version of Android and will run on both iOS and Android.

It’s available for pre-order now at $295. The watch comes with your choice of four interchangeable modules (there are currently five modules available: a heart-rate monitor, GPS,  NFC, an extra battery, and a special “Adventure” module).

What makes Blocks so great is how customizable it is. It manages all of this without sacrificing accessibility. The pieces are easily switchable and users can adjust everything to be exactly what they want it to be.

On top of all this, it’s an open platform to where developers are coming up with new creations for users. This becomes more options to suit even the most incurable fop.

Blocks plans on launching more modules in the future, and will even take suggestions from the public on what to build next.

While a customizable smartwatch won’t appeal to everyone, Blocks wants to create a massive shakeup to the smartwatch market.

Caleb Clark
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