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More Layoffs From BlackBerry





BlackBerry continues to make news, as another round of fresh layoffs are reported in Waterloo, Ontario. 300 employees will be laid off due to BlackBerry’s goal of restructuring itself to stay above waters. Those employees will be notified this week of their termination as BlackBerry seeks to cull its workers down to 4,500.

Still looking for offers from other companies, BlackBerry seeks to leverage the popularity of its instant messaging app BBM making it available to Android and iOS devices. The company seeks to turn BBM into a revenue generator through various advertising partnerships.

“We recognize our local employees’ hard work on behalf of our company and the difficulty of this news.” quoted by  Rebecca Freiburger the spokeswoman for the company.

This is sad news for many as BlackBerry used to be the once dominant player in the mobile industry, with more than half the market share in the U.S at one point. It now only sees 3% market share with a write down of nearly $1 billion unsold smartphones.