Drones are consistently being used in the commercial workplace to make people’s lives easier and safer.

While many people only look at drones through the lens created by mass hysteria, i.e.- the invasion of the privacy of civilians and extensive military uses, that is in fact not the case.

To put it simply, drones were created to make our lives easier, and there is no better way to exercise that than at work.

Drones are largely being used in industrial settings to monitor job sites, inspect gas and power lines, and to be used as security for the safety of the employees.

They are also used to map the progress of job sites from an aerial view, which can make the building process easier and faster.

Another commercial use for drones is search and rescue, which is certainly beneficial to the public.

The remotely operated drones can get a bird’s eye view of an area, with the ability to zoom in for a closer look using a high powered camera. Drones can also be used to put out large fires from a range that cannot be properly reached by conventional means.

Inspire 1 Drone Mapping

The agriculture industry also uses these machines for farming, spraying pesticides, mapping areas, tracking and monitoring animal herds, and analyzing land to find optimal crop areas.

As the FAA laws change, the commercial use of drones will change along with them. This will expand the regulated uses of drones in commercial industries, and there will be no telling what new and innovative uses will be discovered.

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