5G mobile data speeds will be come an industry standard within the mobile market in the next 5-7 years, as Bell and Nokia press forward with this new innovation in mobile connectivity.

The pair have recently completed a trial run of 5G mobile technology, which was conducted at Bell’s Wireless Innovation Centre located in Mississauga.

Bell’s Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President:

Bell’s strategic focus on driving broadband network and service innovation has been key to our transformation into Canada’s wireless leader. The success of the first 5G trial means we are well positioned to lead the way to the next generation of mobile technology,

According to the press release “the trial leveraged spectrum in the 73 GHz range”.

bell and nokia

At the forefront of mobile communications technology, Bell Canada which is one of the largest mobile Carrier in the country with a customer base of  8,716,789 subscribers, is working with companies around the world in bringing 5G mobile technology to end users.

Alex Giosa, Country Senior Officer, Canada, at Nokia:

We have had a long and productive history with Bell, and look forward to our continued joint work and testing to discover what 5G technology can offer Bell’s Canadian subscribers

It becomes more important to have faster and more reliable speeds as sectors in the automotive, broadcast, aviation, mobile and more… are manufacturing products with a higher level of connectivity not seen before.

5G is said to be more than 6 times faster than the industry standard 4G. While this technology has several more years before its roll out, consumers at least have an idea of what to expect in the next generation of mobile communications.

Let’s just hope the price for admission isn’t an arm and a leg when it comes to mobile data plans in this country as they already are. It’s well-known that Canadians still pay among the highest mobile rates in the¬†industrialized world.