German company Biker Media Pool has a new watch out in the market, and it’s made especially for BMW GS riders – the “exclusive” Beemer GS Desert Trail.

The Beemer GS Desert Trail, according to Biker Media Pool, is a watch specifically designed for taking the BMW GS out on “exotic trips such as desert crossings” and other adventures. Its key design features include a sand-colored dial, a black Beemer GS emblem, and a black stainless case with a 43mm diameter to keep the watch in when not in use. Internally, the watch has “some full-blooded chronograph functions,” including 60-minute split-time display, 24-hour display, seconds stop, and the ability to view the date.

beemer-gs-desert-trail-smallAll in all, this is an impressive timepiece for bike riders who own a BMW GS, but the Desert Trail isn’t the only themed watch the company has for owners of that motorcycle. The Classic Ride Edition is available in “sporty” matte black and stainless steel flavors and is similarly made for those who like taking their GS on mountain and desert rides, or even a trip to the opera. The company also sells GS-inspired t-shirts and other pieces of clothing on its website.

Pricing on the Beemer GS Desert Trail is set at 149 euros, or about $166 USD/$210 CAD. This price is exclusive of the 10 euros (approx. $11 USD/$14 CAD) charge for worldwide shipping. According to Biker Media Pool, watches take about ten business days for delivery if ordered on the company’s website.