Barracuda Inc., the maker of the world’s 1st collapsible carry-on, is still celebrating its extremely successful $2million crowdfunding campaign from last year. Now they are back with another invention which is shaping up to be more attractive than the last.

This San Francisco-based developer of smart travel products has just introduced the world to their latest creation the Konzu smart backpack.

Boban Jose, founder of Barracuda:

After the tremendous success of our Barracuda carry-on, we had every intention of revolutionizing the backpack space

Unlike traditional bags, the Konzu features a suit of technological treats that make this one of the best KICKSTARTER projects to watch out for in September.

Using patent pending innovations, Konzu has a built-in battery pack that wirelessly recharges when not being worn. Simply charge the backpack while on the charging station with built-in transmitter, which allows you to charge your mobile device wirelessly.

The three versions of the charging stations will take between 8-10 hours to charge Konzu, which also has a built-in 10,000 mAh battery.

When you are ready to hit the road, you can carry your mobile devices in the bag while being charged.

An excellent idea for students and frequent travelers with expensive gear, Konzu will automatically detect and alert you when the bag is open. It’s a great security feature that will help you protect whatever contents are inside, from thieves.

I love the idea that you can instantly lock all the zippers on Konzu with a push of a button. Anyone trying to secretly peek and steal what’s is your bag will have a difficult time of trying to do so undetected.

Barracuda Konzu

On top of that, this smart backpack also features RDID-shielded pockets and a detachable camera mount for your smartphone or dedicated camera allowing you to capture photos with the included Bluetooth camera clicker, easily.

Here’s a quick list of what you can expect with this smart backpack from Barracuda:

  • Wireless charging: Simply place Konzu on its wireless charging stand when not in use and Konzu’s 10,000 mAh battery pack will always be topped up without messy wires.
  • Push-2-Lock: The ultimate answer to pickpockets, this feature allows users to simply push a button, conveniently located on Konzu’s straps, to lock all key zippers without taking the bag off. The functionality is purely mechanical and does not require power to operate.
  • Bag open alarm: Integrated sensors detect and alert user if they walk off with the bag open.
  • External USB port: Users can keep their phone battery from running out—internal battery pack powers the external USB port.
  • Camera stand: The detachable monopod is securely fastened to the bottom of the backpack where users can connect a GoPro or phone and record themselves and take photos. Comes with     Bluetooth camera clicker.
  • RFID top pocket: Keeps user information secure.
  • Key ring with retractable extension cord: For easy access to keys that won’t get lost.
  • Expandable storage: Expandable strap system that provides extra storage for a helmet, windbreaker or even drone.
  • TSA Scan Smart: Users can hit the security line with Konzu’s TSA-approved laptop sleeve—no need to dig out the laptop or mess with a tray.
  • Rain hood: A stowaway rain hood for that unexpected shower.
  • Super ergonomic padding: Comfortable padding even for the heaviest of loads.
  • Four color options: Color options include blue, brown, gray and black.

Barracuda’s crowdfunding campaign might just be in the early stages, but it’s blowing up the spot already. With just over a month to go, they have already surpassed their pledge goal of $50,000.

Head over to KICKSTARTER to claim your Konzu, while supplies last.