Shopping For Cars Is Different Than Shopping For Shoes

You want to see it from as many angles as you can, in different colors of the exterior, interior and such.

As technology is progressing at an unbelievable pace, new possibilities for making our life easier emerge on a daily basis. One such thing is a clever thing called Augmented Reality(AR).

Augmented Reality


A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

In layman words, your phone, computer or tablet generates a virtual 3D image of an item, which can be viewed as if it were the real thing. Think of it as a 3D model that someone made and you can look at it any way you want.

In order to bring the car to you, Facebook and Kia Motors America (KMA) partnered on a project.

The idea behind their partnership is that Kia uses Facebook’s Messenger app to give you an AR experience of the new 2018 Kia Stinger through the second-generation digital assistant, Kian.

This isn’t the first time Kia used Messenger chat-bots for their model line-up. In 2016, “Niro Bot” was launched and it featured the Niro hybrid crossover, and in November of 2017, the aforementioned “Kian” bot was launched.

On its launch, Kian featured all models for the maker’s line-up and had huge success with over one million user messages so far, which helped KMA become the only manufacturer that has been chosen by Facebook to take part in the initial phase of the augmented reality experience for Messenger.

2018 Kia Stinger GT Augmented reality
Image credit: Kia Motors America

As Kimberley Gardiner, director of marketing communications, Kia Motors America, says

The Stinger is like nothing anyone has ever seen from Kia. Therefore, it inspires us to find new and innovative ways to bring this incredible sports sedan to the public and show them everything the car and the Kia brand are capable of achieving. The addition of augmented reality into the Kia Bot for Facebook Messenger allows us to provide today’s car buyers with an extended interaction on the social platforms they use most.

The same excitement and enthusiasm is present in Facebook’s headquarters, with Messenger Product Manager, Heath Black, saying that they’re thrilled that Kia is showcasing the Stinger through their AR effects and that

Integrating AR camera effects into their messaging experience will allow their customers to get up close and personal with the Stinger and visualize the car in a new and engaging way.

Is Augmented Reality The Future Of Shopping?

With the way social media is used today, it makes perfect sense to use all that it offers. You don’t have to take a friend with you to look at the car. You can just pick a color, pick an environment, place the car at an angle you like, and just save the three­-dimensional Stinger GT or share it in groups, chats or via Stories.

Something else that’s handy about Kian is that gives you, the customer, all the info you need about the Stinger. Nearby dealers, pricing, estimate payments, find special offers and other goodies, all through Messenger.

I’m sure that this way of buying new cars is the future, as it saves you an infinite number of trips to the dealer. You can discuss things down to the minute of details when you want since you’ll have the car at your fingertips.