As technology continues to move at a rapid pace, major tech companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google are aggressively trying to make major breakthroughs in artificial intelligence.

Anyone with a smartphone can see the technology at work already. Siri, Cortana and Google Now and its cards info, all have algorithms that allow them to become the users personal virtual assistant, delivering traffic updates, setting appointments, answering questions and more.

According to an article from Fortune, tech giant Apple, has major plans to hire a minimum of 86 full-time artificial intelligence experts that will help push innovation into new products and services in the future.

The artificial intelligence market is said to reach a staggering $11.1 billion by 2024. Already, AI has seen investments surpassing $17 billion in 2009, and that number continues to climb. It’s no wonder why companies are venturing into the technology by researching new ways in which they can be used.

Companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, Intel, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter all have made purchases of AI companies within the last couple of years.

Microsoft and Google, both have ongoing research teams dedicated to the technology. Google has been hard at work perfecting its driverless cars we all have heard more about in the news.

Artificial Intelligence Companies

Men like Stephen Hawking, have voiced real concerns for artificial intelligence. He thinks they are useful at their current stage, but they may put an end to end the human race if they can surpass the intelligence of human beings.

Google’s Eric Schmidt, has already expressed his feelings on AI, saying that they are closer than ever to realizing true AI, which he believes will have many benefits to the world. Anyone that searches Google for a topic is using a form of artificial intelligence, as the search engine filters through information for the user.

Every year as new smartphones roll out into the market, consumers can expect not only upgraded hardware specs, but also software, and especially in the way companies make use of AI.

IBM’s Watson, is one of the most well-known AI’s on the internet. If IBM plans to turn it into a medical professional, it could very well change the way machines interact with people on a personal level.

As major corporations gear up to roll out improved AI technologies, it will be up to us, the consumer, to decide how we want to use these in our daily lives. In the next 20 years from now, our world could look drastically different from it does today. No longer will anyone need to learn to drive a car, fly a plane, drive a bus, because the machines may have taken over.