While almost every major tech company across the globe is working to capitalize on virtual and augmented reality technology, we have yet to hear any official word from coming from the heart of Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

However, in the past, there have been several such subtle hints that indicate towards Apple’s ambition to enter the Augmented Reality market, as Apple boss – Tim Cook – himself has praised the technology in his past interviews.

Earlier this week, the company was granted a pair of patents which shows an augmented reality system that is capable of detecting its surroundings and further displaying all the generated virtual information in real-time.

On of the patents represent the hardware portion of the possible future AR devices while the other patent represents the particular software method of overlaying virtual information within the surrounding or given environment.

The patent for the hardware reads as “Wearable information system having at least one camera” which serves the use of physical elements like screen, user interface, cameras and few components for computer vision. The patents also further show a head mounted display with a camera pointer in front of the eyes as seen in the top-most image.

Moreover, it also shows the efficiency of switching between the high-power and low-power consumptions mode during working or detecting an object or otherwise being at rest.

Other patents aim to deal with the software section of AR technology that helps to create a 3D model for the surrounding environments. It creates virtual data and information in both occlusion and non-occlusion mode. This means that user will still be able to correctly see the objects that are hiding behind the real-world obstacles.

Apple Patent

Also, this patent aims to keep the virtual world different from real-world environment making it easy for users to differentiate between the two. This can be implemented in many ways like using of dashed lines indicating the separation of real and virtual world or showing the real-world objects in semi-transparent when obstructed by the virtual info.

Apple Virtual Reality Patent

The Filing of these patents is enough to hint about Apple’s ongoing work and progress in the field of AR technology and the companies reasonable efforts and plans to delve into this technology soon.