For those who were waiting for the new Apple Watch, here’s a piece of positive news. The company is most likely to reveal the Apple Watch Series 5 alongside the new iPhones on Tuesday, September 10.

It’s also confirmed that the new smartwatch will be available in different finishes. This new leak comes from Apple itself. Filipe Esposito, the man who discovered the date of September 10 launch date in the Apple beta software also found out about the different finishes of the Apple Watch in the watchOS 6 developers’ beta.

In the beta software, there is a code which identifies the model of the Apple Watch. Also, there is a code which identifies the size of the watch as well as metal housing of the watch. The code is there for the iPhone to know exactly what version of the Apple Watch it is connecting to. The code reveals that Apple is bringing back the ceramic version of the watch. For those who didn’t know, Apple skipped the ceramic housing on the Apple Watch Series 4.

apple-watch-series-5-all-to-knowMore interestingly, there’s a titanium version of the Apple Watch coming. The new finish should go well with the recently launched Apple card which also is made out of titanium. The titanium version of the watch will replace the stainless steel but it maybe sold alongside as well.

apple-watch-series-5-all-to-knowWe are pretty sure that it’s not just the design that will be changing with the new Apple Watch Series 5. Expect the new watch to be faster and connect to your iPhone quicker. The new Apple Watch will be powered by the S5 Chip with a W4 wireless chip which will not only be more powerful but also be power efficient.

The smartwatch is rumored to come with a larger battery and have more health features including sleep tracking. The 2019 Apple Watch Series 5 will come with an OLED display and not with a MicroLED display as previously rumored.

Just like the 2018 Apple Watch Series 4, the Series 5 will come in 40mm and 44mm display size. The ECG sensor and the heart-rate monitor sensor will be borrowed from the Series 4 as well.