The FBI has just obtained a court order requiring Apple to make it easier to unlock an encrypted iPhone.  This privacy battle comes to a head after an encrypted iPhone was used by a gunman in December’s mass murders in San Bernadino California.

The Apple Protests are gathering in more than 30 cities to show their support for Apple while venting their frustrations at the FBI.

The Internet rights group Fight for the Future, have organized protests which are scheduled to occur this coming Tuesday outside Apple stores in U.S., the U.K., Hong Kong and Germany.

Protests in the U.S. will also plan to lash out at FBI headquarters in many cities across 20 states, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Washington.

This all comes after last week, when the FBI went to court to try to force Apple to lessen the security built into the majority of their phones to aid in a terrorism investigation in San Bernadino, California.

The FBI wants Apple to unlock a key feature that erases information stored on iPhones after 10 unsuccessful attempts to enter a password, preventing anyone from accessing the phone who does not have the correct password.

Apple Protest

Syed Farook, is the owner of the iPhone the FBI wants to unlock. He and his wife killed 14 people back in December.

Apple is arguing that the court order issued by the FBI on their software could be used to hack into millions of other users iPhones around the world.

The FBI says Apple is exaggerating in its claim, saying the security risks with complying to the court order is a marketing ploy for selling more iPhones.

Apple supporters Fight for the Future, believes Apples concerns are justified, and hope the protests will help persuade the Obama administration to take a stand against the way the FBI is trying to break into Farooks iPhone said Evan Greer, the groups campaign director.

“People are rallying at Apple stores because what the FBI is demanding here will make all of us less safe, not more safe,Their unconstitutional attack on our digital security could put millions of people in danger, so we’re giving those people a way to get their voices heard.”

Protesters will be carrying giant 10 foot long iPhone banners and iPhone shaped signs reading “FBI: Don’t Break Our Phones” and “Secure Phones Saves Lives.”

The demonstrators will also be able to turn their phones, laptops, or tablets into a glowing protest sign using

The current list of protests can be viewed at