We are months away from the launch of the new iPhones, and there’s quite a lot we already know about them. For starters, there is a rumor there will be three new iPhones this year, all-embracing the notch. And it looks like the entry-level iPhone X2 will drop the 3D Touch feature to minimize the cost of display manufacturing.

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will use a new “Cover Glass Sensor” technology that will relocate the iPhone’s touch module to the actual glass. The use of “CGS” technology will make the display lighter and more resistant to shocks.

apple-ditching-3d-touch-2018-iphone-x2-leakedThe new iPhone will also include a new ‘touch film sensor’ to the glass. However, what that sensor will be used for is yet to be known. But what we know is, the addition of it will raise the cost of the production of the iPhone display from $23 to $26 (15% increase).

The Cupertino company is said to drop the 3D Touch on the entry-level iPhone X2 to offset the increased cost thanks to the use of the technology as mentioned above. And while you may think that $3 difference in the manufacture of the display doesn’t warrant removal of a much-used feature, do remember that Apple makes millions of these. When you add all up, it becomes a significant amount of money.


But be rest assured, it’s only the entry-level iPhone that will be ditching the 3D Touch feature. The other two more-expensive iPhones, the iPhone X with 5.8-inch OLED display and the iPhone X Plus with 6.5-inch OLED display will still possess the feature.

Apple plans to add the CGS technology to OLED iPhones in 2019. And when they do so, we can expect the removal of 3D Touch from the entire lineup. The company is also working on technology such as touchless gesture control which could be a replacement to the 3D touch when it becomes available.

While the 6.1-inch iPhone will miss out on OLED display and 3D touch, it will still retain the iPhone X bezel-less design and the infamous notch on the top. Apart from that, this phone will include features like the new generation Face ID and the A12 processor that the company will be using for their pricier OLED counterparts.

The analyst, Kuo, also believes that the entry-level iPhone will be the best seller of the trio. Also, he adds that it will make up for 65-75 percent of the iPhone sales next year.

Apple will be launching the iPhone trio simultaneously in November 2018. The company is also planning to sell the iPhone X for a lot less money, this year around. While I am not sold on the news completely, I do see a possibility of that happening especially since iPhone X isn’t doing so well right now.

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