FireFlies Bluetooth earbuds promises to be a solid balance between comfort and high quality audio, designed to endure rigorous indoor and outdoor activities.

These wireless earbuds are made to fit a wide selection of ear types, and won’t drop out easily while the wearer is being active.

Salt Lake City, UT based FireFlies Audio, have created a lightweight solution for those who are tired of corded earpieces.

Unwrapping tangled wires can be a pain sometimes, and there’s always a slight danger for the cord to be cut in certain situations.

While these aren’t the only wireless earbuds on the market, these pair comes with a few convenient features you may love.

FireFlies The Perfect Fit

FireFlies Bluetooth

One of the most important features I look for in an earpiece are comfort and sound.

Everyone has a different head and ear shapes making it a challenge for some audio companies to develop a universal fit for all head and ear types.

Most of us are unwilling to sacrifice comfort for sound and vice-versa. We tend to what the best of both worlds.

Using Bluetooth audio sets are convenient, but some devices simply get out of adjustment after a short while of use, making for a frustrating experience.

FireFlies looks to solve this issue, with its patent pending Locking Wings. These fang like clips, fit within the curve of the inner ear helping the wireless earbuds stay in place. A simple solution that should work in theory.

You simply pair with a mobile device with Bluetooth 3.0 and above to listen to any of your media.

The charger is also small, and will fit in your pocket. You’ll get about 3 hours of music playback between charges.

Using a micro USB cable, the charger holds enough juice for about 3 refills before it needs to be plugged in.

It works like a portable powerpack, giving you the power you need while on the go.

The power button on the earpiece utilizes playback functions. Click once to stop/play and two clicks advances the current track forward.

The project is already well-funded with 3,630 backers at the time of this writing.

FireFlies Audio has decided to extend their Early Bird discount off the MRSP of $149.99 down to $79.

Only 250 quantities are left and up for grabs. If you live in the U.S.A, shipping is free. Just head over to the funding page and grab yourself a pair, before this perk is gone!

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