Do you feel as though you’ve mastered the internet and now you know most of its opportunities?

Being the vast repository that it is, the web provides us with virtually unlimited, unprecedented access to the information and resources we’d like to find. As a remarkable hub for anything related to entertainment or knowledge, it’s likely your understanding of the online world only scratches the surface!

Check out a few of the weird, exciting and resourceful things you can do online in 2019.

1. Design And Print 3D Creations

3D Printing

You may have heard of 3D printing, but did you realize there are now online resources to design and print your concepts? With capabilities to print in an assortment of materials and finishes, the technology that’s available online has redefined product creation and equipped us with powerful manufacturing tools.

2. Hire A Professional House Husband

Carpenter with tools

Home tasks can be challenging to schedule time for, and you may not have the prowess necessary to complete some of them. Want a stand-in husband who will help you around the house but who requires no emotional labor?

If you’re hoping to assemble furniture, complete small home repairs or need an extra hand with heavy lifting, you can receive assistance through an online service like Husband to Rent. Don’t overburden yourself with duties you don’t want to perform when options like these are available!

3. Receive Movie Recommendations Tailored to You

movie recommendations

Everyone’s experienced the frustrations of deciding on a movie — hours spent unproductively arguing over what film to watch, only to decide on something that leaves just about everyone dissatisfied.

Many online services now allow you to bypass these arguments and receive suggestions curated by fellow viewers just like you. You can even narrow down the recommendations to pull from specific on-demand video services, ensuring that the ideas it provides are options available to you. The next time you’re searching for something to watch on Netflix, save yourself from the disappointment of a poor selection, and consult the advice from the interwebs!

4. Don’t Sit On The Phone With IT — Get Free Tech Support Online Anytime

Tech Support

Are you frustrated with a computer issue but don’t have any tech-savvy family members or friends to lend assistance? You may not have the time or mental energy to sit on the phone with an IT support rep. Fortunately, you can now find free platforms for consulting technological experts online. If your particular problem doesn’t have an adequate solution available right away, you can still post it and wait for a response.

5. Take Health Exams Without Leaving Your Home


Are you concerned that your vision, hearing, or dexterity may be declining?

Rather than set up an appointment, you can now opt to take many health exams online. Often, all you need is a computer or smartphone, and some of them are as short as 10-15 minutes. For services that are credible and verified, a licensed medical professional will then survey your results and provide you with answers and perhaps even a prescription via email, often within 24 hours! Be sure to do your research to ensure you’re using a credible and verified service, though.

6. Make Any Website Print-Friendly


Despite the notable shift toward an increasingly more digital, paperless world, many of us still occasionally want to print something from the internet. However, with a variety of website layouts out there, the chances are high that simply selecting the print option from our browsers won’t always produce the best results.

Whenever you need to directly print a webpage to paper, and would prefer it to be optimized for more legible results, make use of resources like PrintFriendly. PrintFriendly can also be used to support paperless printing if you’re only looking to optimize webpages and convert them into a PDF format for reference.

Take Advantage of Online Capabilities

The digital sphere provides us so many resources to add convenience and value to our lives. Take advantage of the opportunities on the internet and explore what it has to offer.

Kate Harveston
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