Since the internet search giant Google acquired Bump, many people including myself have searched for a Bump app replacement. Bump has been a great app that allowed users to share and transfer files to one another, with just a bump of two devices over a WiFi connection. But now Bump is no longer, and users are forced to find a replacement to the once popular app. Though no other app can replace the app in my opinion, former Bump users have no other option but to move on to find something else. Here are 5 alternative bump app replacements that may help you in your search.


Instagram Bump App Replacement

A very popular photo-sharing and editor app. Instagram sees a user base of over 200 million people and growing. Take a photo and edit it with the many cool effects the app has to offer, and share it with your friends and family.


Pushbullet Bump

Need to transfer data between your phone,computer or tablet? Pushbullet is free to use and you can use it anywhere you have an internet connection. While you work on your computer, you have the option to display your phone notifications on your computer.


Chirp File Sharing

A free download, Chirp uses sound waves to share files between devices. You hear a chirp from your device, once files are being sent to another. Chirp allows you to send webpages, contacts and photos and can be downloaded for iOS and Android smartphones.


Apple Airdrop

For iOS devices, AirDrop allows you to send photos, videos and more between devices. You need iOS 7 to use the feature, as well as being close to devices that are sharing between each other.


yooSend App

yooSEND allows you to share files between devices using its own file manager software. There are no limits on file transfers allowing you to send contacts, photos and more. You can also add a favorites device list, of devices that you often send data to. The app is also free to use.

While we will certainly miss Bump, and all its usefulness, there are other alternatives that can be found online to supplement the popular app. If you are like us here at TechMalak, this popular transfer app which was loved by many, will certainly be missed.

Matthew Barnes
Loves all things tech. He's a writer and founder of Techmalak. His personal blog is all about copywriting and helping small businesses get the most out of their websites.