If you are a music producer, you should seriously consider making a website for your music business. With the site in place, not only will you be able to reach more people, but you will also be able to increase your profits and harness more business opportunities. Here are the three ways to build a website for music producers. 

Build It Yourself With BeatStars


Beatstars is, without any doubt, the easiest way to sell your instrumentals. Not only that, they offer a simple to use drag and drop editor so you can easily create a website. You don’t need any coding or programming experience to get started with BeatStars.

It’s an excellent platform for musicians who don’t have the time to start a new website from scratch.

BeatStars lets you create your website using a drag and drop builder that easily syncs with your account so you can start selling beats immediately.

What makes it better is the fact that there are multiple excellent readymade templates to choose from.

The BeatStars Pro Page Plan takes care of your payment processing needs, as well.

It also has artist-centric website features like an embeddable blaze player that your listeners can use to play your tracks.

You can upload unlimited tracks on the Pro Plan versus ten on the free account. The plan even lets you sell sound kits and other custom services.

To top things off, you get statistics about your users and sales statistics through the dashboard. If you are not willing to compromise (even if it means paying a premium for the service) on your Music website, BeatStars is the way to go.

Hire A company

web design for small business

If you have no idea how to create a website by yourself, it’s a good idea to hire a company for your Music Production website. Outsourcing a company to make a website for your music production company is highly recommended for more advanced functionality.

Also, hiring a company to create a website means you get more control over the design elements you require.

We’ve recently launched a web design service for creative professionals, where we not only take care of building the entire website, but we also handle the hosting and ongoing maintenance a site requires.

In addition to that, we create a daily backup of your website in case something goes wrong.

Hiring a company to build a website for Music production is the perfect choice for those producers who don’t want to tangle themselves in the hassle of maintaining their websites.

DIY With WordPress

muzak-wordpress-theme-for-music-websiteAnyone who has prior experience with WordPress can go ahead and make their music-focused in a matter of a few days.

You can use WordPress Themes like Kentha, Muzak, or Lush to get started.

Mind you- if you are looking to make a professional Music website for your work, you may have to pay for a premium theme.

Most paid themes cost under $100, and they will undoubtedly be a good investment in the long run.

There are many options to choose from when creating a website for music producers. You’ll need to figure out which is the best for your needs.