With enterprises moving more towards Cloud storage and computing, the spending on Cloud computing is expected to reach $160 billion by 2020. It is arguably the best contemporary solution to suit the needs of major tech companies. But apart from its operational advantages, the one aspect of cloud services which is less talked about, is that it potentially is a practical environment-friendly solution for businesses.

Traditional data centers use a tremendous amount of energy to run and maintain their servers and other hardware essentials.

Over the years with the ever-increasing number of websites, this has led to a rise in the carbon footprint eventually creating a need for more sustainable options.

In the wake of sustainable, green business operations, the tech space has focused mainly on the importance towards green solutions.

The cloud is an essential aspect in today’s technologically advanced environment. Cloud services primarily address the two main fundamentals of a sustainable IT system- efficient utilization of resources and energy.

Here are the top 3 reasons why we think the cloud is a green solution for your website needs:


Virtualization is a technique which allows the creation of a digital version of your computing resources to help you maximize the use of your machine’s potential by allowing one physical servicer to run multiple operating systems. Most Cloud Hosting providers use the power of virtualization across data, network, or servers to provide efficient services. This reduces the need for multiple physical servers, thus minimizing e-waste and data center space, which of course translates to a lesser utilization of energy and human resources making it a more sustainable model.

Automatic And Optimal Utilization Of Resources

As mentioned before, the key to having a green operational model is to make it sustainable. That can only happen through optimal utilization of the existing resources, without investing in new ones. And needless to say, lesser resources mean a lesser use of energy. When it comes to Cloud services, the automated architecture helps in overload estimation and other features leveraging its functionality and making physical resources and processes redundant, thus reducing cost.


This could be simply translated as ‘multiple users for the same resource’. A public Cloud Hosting space for different business means the same infrastructure for multiple units. Such a multi-tenant setup optimizes the existing resources without the need for additional resources and unnecessary infrastructure for each one of them. This allows all businesses within the system to best yield from the increased output at a reduced cost, minus the redundancy.

Going Green With Cloud Hosting

Looking at the benefits of a Cloud-based infrastructure, we can surely say that this tech service is more sustainable and comes with great possibilities of a greener environment. But to derive efficiency out of this, you need a good Cloud Hosting provider. Because these services are only good when they contribute not only to your business growth but also to a better natural environment. An efficient Cloud Hosting provider will not only manage your IT operations and take care of the technical aspects but will also help you optimize the physical or even virtual resources that you have and offer you ways to reduce process and physical redundancy.