As the world continues to advance, it makes sense that the construction sector would also become more innovative over time. Technology has proven to be an aid for the industry, showing incredible promise as a way to make construction more efficient in the future and also serve as a great way to recruit people into the field.

The most insightful piece of technology used for construction is often building estimating software programs, that make it easier than ever to project just how much space a construction plan will take up, and how that factors into an estimate.

By using building estimating software, you can get as many bids as possible by giving your customers a truly accurate projection. Staying accurate during this part of the process is essential because making one mistake can throw your numbers off and potentially resulting in you losing the client.

Despite the many challenges, this industry continues to increase in value and potential and continues to show promise for the future.

However, there are certain programs that are more efficient than others.

Because of this, we have compiled a list of the 3 Software packages in reverse order that construction companies rely on, so you know which products are currently leading the market:

3) Sage Estimating

sage estimating

Though Sage Estimating is a program often included in the Sage business suite, this is a great option for anybody looking to have a truly affordable product that will also get the job done easily.

Its interface is very intuitive and makes it easy to not just get information for an accurate estimate, but create an efficient work plan for your employees!

2) Estimator360

estimator 360

If you’re somebody who wants to use a cloud-based tool, this is definitely the program for you. What we love so much about Estimator360 are the automated tools that are included, allowing you to put in values to get an accurate estimate quickly. This is an especially helpful program if you’re somebody who works with clients interested mainly in residential buildings.

Estimator360 is also great for calculating the specifics of a project, allowing you to go in-depth enough to calibrate and adjust labor time and specific material costs to ensure that you’re getting the cheapest estimate you can.

By being able to be so thorough throughout every step of the process, you can help your client get the most out of their purchase. Once you’re done figuring out each step of the process, you can export a timetable so your client can see the specifics as well.

1) RSMeans


Out of all of the products currently available on the market, perhaps none can get the job done as efficiently as RSMeans.

This is largely due to its power and intuitive nature, both important factors which are critical to its success.

RSMeans Attention to detail through data not only fills in knowledge gaps but adds the confidence to estimate the cost of new construction and renovation projects.

The use of that data is so important because it then allows you the ability to do a number of things like turn estimates around quickly and accurately without relying on subcontractor pricing.

RSMeans allows you to solve price disputes and quickly come to an agreement on change orders. This data-driven software is really changing business way of operation for the better.